7 A Side 2015

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Offtappers 2200207136
3Alabama Slamers220016886
4Schooners All Round2101710-33
535 Drunks2011813-51
6BKA Combat2011718-111
7Rocket FC2002512-70
821 Drunks2002720-130

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35 Drunks4v9Alabama Slamers
Schooners All Round5v1Rocket FC
Offtappers 13v421 Drunks
Ontappers14v3BKA Combat
35 Drunks4v4BKA Combat
Ontappers9v2Schooners All Round
Offtappers 7v321 Drunks
Rocket FC4v7Alabama Slamers

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