5AKHL Season 3

this is the home of the Grade 5A Knee Hockey League. about the teams: Danny Will James: after winning the league for every season in history,Danny hopes to keep up his record with James and new signing Will. Johnny Mike Ryan:last season, they came second and almost won the playoffs (series lost 2-0 to then James and Danny).They signed Johnny on a free and they look promising! Matt Alex:They were one point from the playoffs last season.Matt has a great slap shot. They look like they could be a surprising team in the playoffs though.Conner Charlie:Conner is new to the league and Charles has come out of retirement.They will have to step it up to make the playoffs.
Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Johnny Mike Ryan55001741315
2matt alex513110916
3Danny will james61231219-75
4Conner Charlie6033916-73

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Conner Charlie1v3Johnny Mike Ryan
matt alex2v2Danny will james
Conner Charlie3v4Danny will james
Johnny Mike Ryan4v2Danny will james
Conner Charlie1v1matt alex
Johnny Mike Ryan3v0matt alex
matt alex6v2Danny will james
Johnny Mike Ryan5v1Conner Charlie
Conner Charlie2v2Danny will james
Conner Charlie1v1matt alex
Johnny Mike Ryan2v0Danny will james

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