5/6 tt gp b

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Oakwood b5320146811
3Al madinah521211927
4Markeaton a5212101007
5Silverhill a5113812-44
6St George's b5023515-102

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Al madinah2v2Oakwood b
Silverhill a1v3Markeaton a
Ravensdale2v2St George's b
Silverhill a2v2Ravensdale
Al madinah1v3Markeaton a
Oakwood b4v0St George's b
Al madinah4v0St George's b
Silverhill a1v3Oakwood b
Ravensdale3v1Markeaton a
Silverhill a3v1St George's b
Oakwood b3v1Markeaton a
Al madinah1v3Ravensdale
Ravensdale2v2Oakwood b
St George's b2v2Markeaton a
Al madinah3v1Silverhill a

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