Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Gisborne islanders3626282009810280
2Canberra royals3626282201229880
3Tasmania checkmates36251102121268676
4Darwin Devils 36232111721185471
5Dunedin threshers36224101711155670
6Wyndham 36230131651461969
7Brisbane chiefs 36212131531371665
8Auckland dodgers36201151501371361
10Otago 3618216159150956
11Queenstown aces3618216153171-1856
12Pinecreek Bruins 36174151681581055
13Melbourne metros3615318144177-3348
14Sydney cyclones 3615219158162-447
15Onslow orioles 3615219126161-3547
16Broome memorials 3615120175173246
17Newcastle 3614418148167-1946
18Nelson 3614319136145-945
19Wellington whalers3613221138187-4941
20Adelaide Astros 3613122136170-3440
21Hobart rockets3611124110159-4934
22Christchurch saints3610125143207-6431
23Alice springs369027138213-7527
24Perth panthers 369027121203-8227
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Sydney cyclones 6v8Tasmania checkmates
Sydney cyclones 1v4Tasmania checkmates
Sydney cyclones 2v8Tasmania checkmates
Rockhampton6v1Wellington whalers
Rockhampton7v4Wellington whalers
Rockhampton2v4Wellington whalers
Queenstown aces2v9Wyndham
Queenstown aces6v2Wyndham
Queenstown aces3v4Wyndham
Perth panthers 3v7Otago
Perth panthers 3v10Otago
Perth panthers 0v5Otago
Nelson 2v5Pinecreek Bruins
Nelson 4v5Pinecreek Bruins
Nelson 4v4Pinecreek Bruins
Newcastle 5v4Onslow orioles
Newcastle 6v4Onslow orioles
Newcastle 2v5Onslow orioles
Dunedin threshers1v1Gisborne islanders
Dunedin threshers5v2Gisborne islanders
Dunedin threshers2v3Gisborne islanders
Darwin Devils 8v3Hobart rockets
Darwin Devils 6v0Hobart rockets
Darwin Devils 5v1Hobart rockets
Christchurch saints5v8Melbourne metros
Christchurch saints9v6Melbourne metros
Christchurch saints3v4Melbourne metros
Auckland dodgers0v1Brisbane chiefs
Auckland dodgers2v4Brisbane chiefs
Auckland dodgers5v4Brisbane chiefs
Alice springs6v5Broome memorials
Alice springs1v5Broome memorials
Alice springs3v5Broome memorials
Adelaide Astros 1v7Canberra royals
Adelaide Astros 3v6Canberra royals
Adelaide Astros 0v9Canberra royals
Melbourne metros5v8Wyndham
Melbourne metros6v3Wyndham
Melbourne metros2v3Wyndham
Hobart rockets2v3Wellington whalers
Hobart rockets4v6Wellington whalers
Hobart rockets1v4Wellington whalers
Gisborne islanders1v4Tasmania checkmates
Gisborne islanders6v14Tasmania checkmates
Gisborne islanders3v2Tasmania checkmates
Dunedin threshers6v4Sydney cyclones
Dunedin threshers1v1Sydney cyclones
Dunedin threshers5v0Sydney cyclones
Darwin Devils 2v5Rockhampton
Darwin Devils 8v5Rockhampton
Darwin Devils 2v7Rockhampton
Christchurch saints3v5Queenstown aces
Christchurch saints7v5Queenstown aces
Christchurch saints2v4Queenstown aces
Canberra royals4v4Pinecreek Bruins
Canberra royals5v2Pinecreek Bruins
Canberra royals12v5Pinecreek Bruins
Broome memorials 5v1Perth panthers
Broome memorials 4v6Perth panthers
Broome memorials 7v2Perth panthers
Brisbane chiefs 4v7Otago
Brisbane chiefs 0v6Otago
Brisbane chiefs 1v3Otago
Auckland dodgers6v3Onslow orioles
Auckland dodgers3v4Onslow orioles
Auckland dodgers3v3Onslow orioles
Alice springs5v8Newcastle
Alice springs7v6Newcastle
Alice springs11v2Newcastle
Adelaide Astros 3v5Nelson
Adelaide Astros 4v3Nelson
Adelaide Astros 0v2Nelson
Sydney cyclones 4v8Wyndham
Sydney cyclones 5v4Wyndham
Sydney cyclones 2v4Wyndham
Rockhampton2v4Tasmania checkmates
Rockhampton5v6Tasmania checkmates
Rockhampton1v7Tasmania checkmates
Queenstown aces4v4Wellington whalers
Queenstown aces4v7Wellington whalers
Queenstown aces6v4Wellington whalers
Onslow orioles 6v7Pinecreek Bruins
Onslow orioles 6v5Pinecreek Bruins
Onslow orioles 2v5Pinecreek Bruins
Newcastle 2v5Otago
Newcastle 2v3Otago
Newcastle 6v3Otago
Nelson 6v3Perth panthers
Nelson 3v5Perth panthers
Nelson 4v0Perth panthers
Dunedin threshers4v0Melbourne metros
Dunedin threshers4v5Melbourne metros
Dunedin threshers6v2Melbourne metros
Darwin Devils 6v7Gisborne islanders
Darwin Devils 4v2Gisborne islanders
Darwin Devils 5v4Gisborne islanders
Christchurch saints5v6Hobart rockets
Christchurch saints2v7Hobart rockets
Christchurch saints2v1Hobart rockets
Auckland dodgers4v1Canberra royals
Auckland dodgers2v6Canberra royals
Auckland dodgers4v5Canberra royals
Alice springs4v5Brisbane chiefs
Alice springs3v5Brisbane chiefs
Alice springs3v7Brisbane chiefs
Adelaide Astros 11v10Broome memorials
Adelaide Astros 6v9Broome memorials
Adelaide Astros 2v1Broome memorials
Christchurch saints5v7Nelson
Christchurch saints0v4Nelson
Christchurch saints6v4Nelson
Canberra royals6v4Darwin Devils
Canberra royals2v4Darwin Devils
Canberra royals3v4Darwin Devils
Broome memorials 3v4Dunedin threshers
Broome memorials 5v4Dunedin threshers
Broome memorials 3v7Dunedin threshers
Brisbane chiefs 3v7Gisborne islanders
Brisbane chiefs 2v8Gisborne islanders
Brisbane chiefs 6v2Gisborne islanders
Auckland dodgers2v4Hobart rockets
Auckland dodgers5v4Hobart rockets
Auckland dodgers2v0Hobart rockets
Alice springs2v6Melbourne metros
Alice springs5v6Melbourne metros
Alice springs5v3Melbourne metros
Adelaide Astros 5v3Queenstown aces
Adelaide Astros 5v5Queenstown aces
Adelaide Astros 3v5Queenstown aces
Pinecreek Bruins 3v5Rockhampton
Pinecreek Bruins 5v8Rockhampton
Pinecreek Bruins 5v4Rockhampton
Perth panthers 5v4Sydney cyclones
Perth panthers 2v9Sydney cyclones
Perth panthers 4v5Sydney cyclones
Otago 4v5Tasmania checkmates
Otago 4v7Tasmania checkmates
Otago 2v4Tasmania checkmates
Onslow orioles 2v4Wellington whalers
Onslow orioles 5v9Wellington whalers
Onslow orioles 1v0Wellington whalers
Newcastle 1v3Wyndham
Newcastle 6v3Wyndham
Newcastle 4v5Wyndham
Queenstown aces1v4Wellington whalers
Queenstown aces4v3Wellington whalers
Queenstown aces4v0Wellington whalers
Pinecreek Bruins 4v4Tasmania checkmates
Pinecreek Bruins 5v7Tasmania checkmates
Pinecreek Bruins 2v7Tasmania checkmates
Perth panthers 4v7Sydney cyclones
Perth panthers 1v3Sydney cyclones
Perth panthers 4v3Sydney cyclones
Melbourne metros4v3Otago
Melbourne metros4v5Otago
Melbourne metros1v5Otago
Hobart rockets4v7Onslow orioles
Hobart rockets2v4Onslow orioles
Hobart rockets5v1Onslow orioles
Gisborne islanders5v1Newcastle
Gisborne islanders5v6Newcastle
Gisborne islanders8v1Newcastle
Dunedin threshers3v1Nelson
Dunedin threshers3v5Nelson
Dunedin threshers5v2Nelson
Brisbane chiefs 5v4Darwin Devils
Brisbane chiefs 2v7Darwin Devils
Brisbane chiefs 5v3Darwin Devils
Auckland dodgers5v3Christchurch saints
Auckland dodgers7v5Christchurch saints
Auckland dodgers4v1Christchurch saints
Alice springs4v9Canberra royals
Alice springs0v5Canberra royals
Alice springs3v7Canberra royals
Adelaide Astros 2v3Broome memorials
Adelaide Astros 5v2Broome memorials
Adelaide Astros 3v8Broome memorials
Tasmania checkmates5v6Wyndham
Tasmania checkmates5v7Wyndham
Tasmania checkmates9v5Wyndham
Sydney cyclones 6v3Wellington whalers
Sydney cyclones 2v3Wellington whalers
Sydney cyclones 5v3Wellington whalers
Perth panthers 1v5Pinecreek Bruins
Perth panthers 5v8Pinecreek Bruins
Perth panthers 4v3Pinecreek Bruins
Otago 2v0Queenstown aces
Otago 1v6Queenstown aces
Otago 5v3Queenstown aces
Onslow orioles 4v3Rockhampton
Onslow orioles 6v3Rockhampton
Onslow orioles 1v3Rockhampton
Hobart rockets1v3Melbourne metros
Hobart rockets5v7Melbourne metros
Hobart rockets5v3Melbourne metros
Gisborne islanders5v3Nelson
Gisborne islanders4v4Nelson
Gisborne islanders8v0Nelson
Dunedin threshers7v2Newcastle
Dunedin threshers4v5Newcastle
Dunedin threshers4v3Newcastle
Brisbane chiefs 4v3Darwin Devils
Brisbane chiefs 2v5Darwin Devils
Brisbane chiefs 2v2Darwin Devils
Auckland dodgers6v2Broome memorials
Auckland dodgers7v4Broome memorials
Auckland dodgers4v12Broome memorials
Alice springs3v9Canberra royals
Alice springs5v7Canberra royals
Alice springs3v7Canberra royals
Adelaide Astros 8v2Christchurch saints
Adelaide Astros 1v3Christchurch saints
Adelaide Astros 5v2Christchurch saints
Dunedin threshers5v2Wellington whalers
Dunedin threshers8v2Wellington whalers
Dunedin threshers6v1Wellington whalers
Tasmania checkmates3v6Wyndham
Tasmania checkmates3v8Wyndham
Tasmania checkmates6v1Wyndham
Queenstown aces6v5Sydney cyclones
Queenstown aces7v11Sydney cyclones
Queenstown aces5v4Sydney cyclones
Pinecreek Bruins 5v2Rockhampton
Pinecreek Bruins 3v4Rockhampton
Pinecreek Bruins 3v1Rockhampton
Onslow orioles 8v4Perth panthers
Onslow orioles 2v4Perth panthers
Onslow orioles 6v4Perth panthers
Newcastle 6v4Otago
Newcastle 3v3Otago
Newcastle 5v5Otago
Hobart rockets5v7Nelson
Hobart rockets2v7Nelson
Hobart rockets5v3Nelson
Gisborne islanders8v2Melbourne metros
Gisborne islanders11v0Melbourne metros
Gisborne islanders6v0Melbourne metros
Canberra royals2v1Darwin Devils
Canberra royals1v9Darwin Devils
Canberra royals8v2Darwin Devils
Broome memorials 6v4Christchurch saints
Broome memorials 6v8Christchurch saints
Broome memorials 11v7Christchurch saints
Alice springs0v8Brisbane chiefs
Alice springs4v2Brisbane chiefs
Alice springs1v2Brisbane chiefs
Adelaide Astros 3v2Auckland dodgers
Adelaide Astros 3v4Auckland dodgers
Adelaide Astros 2v6Auckland dodgers
Newcastle 5v1Onslow orioles
Newcastle 5v5Onslow orioles
Newcastle 3v6Onslow orioles
Melbourne metros3v6Nelson
Melbourne metros3v2Nelson
Melbourne metros7v4Nelson
Gisborne islanders7v4Hobart rockets
Gisborne islanders10v0Hobart rockets
Gisborne islanders9v1Hobart rockets
Dunedin threshers9v1Otago
Dunedin threshers3v4Otago
Dunedin threshers8v5Otago
Darwin Devils 8v5Perth panthers
Darwin Devils 6v0Perth panthers
Darwin Devils 8v0Perth panthers
Christchurch saints3v7Pinecreek Bruins
Christchurch saints0v5Pinecreek Bruins
Christchurch saints7v6Pinecreek Bruins
Canberra royals7v6Queenstown aces
Canberra royals13v4Queenstown aces
Canberra royals2v5Queenstown aces
Broome memorials 4v7Rockhampton
Broome memorials 2v4Rockhampton
Broome memorials 6v4Rockhampton
Brisbane chiefs 6v4Sydney cyclones
Brisbane chiefs 3v5Sydney cyclones
Brisbane chiefs 4v3Sydney cyclones
Auckland dodgers4v7Tasmania checkmates
Auckland dodgers5v4Tasmania checkmates
Auckland dodgers2v6Tasmania checkmates
Alice springs4v5Wellington whalers
Alice springs6v4Wellington whalers
Alice springs5v8Wellington whalers
Adelaide Astros 5v8Wyndham
Adelaide Astros 7v6Wyndham
Adelaide Astros 1v5Wyndham
Rockhampton5v2Sydney cyclones
Rockhampton5v7Sydney cyclones
Rockhampton6v4Sydney cyclones
Queenstown aces6v4Tasmania checkmates
Queenstown aces1v8Tasmania checkmates
Queenstown aces4v3Tasmania checkmates
Pinecreek Bruins 6v6Wellington whalers
Pinecreek Bruins 7v4Wellington whalers
Pinecreek Bruins 9v2Wellington whalers
Perth panthers 5v7Wyndham
Perth panthers 5v3Wyndham
Perth panthers 1v3Wyndham
Melbourne metros1v6Nelson
Melbourne metros4v0Nelson
Melbourne metros4v4Nelson
Hobart rockets4v4Newcastle
Hobart rockets4v7Newcastle
Hobart rockets8v3Newcastle
Gisborne islanders8v3Onslow orioles
Gisborne islanders5v0Onslow orioles
Gisborne islanders2v1Onslow orioles
Dunedin threshers7v3Otago
Dunedin threshers1v4Otago
Dunedin threshers6v2Otago
Brisbane chiefs 6v2Broome memorials
Brisbane chiefs 3v5Broome memorials
Brisbane chiefs 5v2Broome memorials
Auckland dodgers5v2Canberra royals
Auckland dodgers2v4Canberra royals
Auckland dodgers4v9Canberra royals
Alice springs8v3Christchurch saints
Alice springs6v10Christchurch saints
Alice springs2v1Christchurch saints
Adelaide Astros 2v4Darwin Devils
Adelaide Astros 6v1Darwin Devils
Adelaide Astros 3v5Darwin Devils
Melbourne metros4v6Nelson
Melbourne metros13v9Nelson
Melbourne metros4v2Nelson
Hobart rockets3v2Newcastle
Hobart rockets3v0Newcastle
Hobart rockets5v6Newcastle
Gisborne islanders5v2Onslow orioles
Gisborne islanders8v0Onslow orioles
Gisborne islanders12v3Onslow orioles
Dunedin threshers7v5Otago
Dunedin threshers4v12Otago
Dunedin threshers9v5Otago
Darwin Devils 8v6Perth panthers
Darwin Devils 6v1Perth panthers
Darwin Devils 5v2Perth panthers
Christchurch saints5v6Pinecreek Bruins
Christchurch saints3v5Pinecreek Bruins
Christchurch saints3v1Pinecreek Bruins
Canberra royals7v1Queenstown aces
Canberra royals10v3Queenstown aces
Canberra royals3v5Queenstown aces
Broome memorials 5v6Rockhampton
Broome memorials 7v2Rockhampton
Broome memorials 4v6Rockhampton
Brisbane chiefs 4v6Sydney cyclones
Brisbane chiefs 5v1Sydney cyclones
Brisbane chiefs 6v6Sydney cyclones
Auckland dodgers1v4Tasmania checkmates
Auckland dodgers5v4Tasmania checkmates
Auckland dodgers0v6Tasmania checkmates
Alice springs6v9Wellington whalers
Alice springs5v3Wellington whalers
Alice springs2v7Wellington whalers
Adelaide Astros 4v6Wyndham
Adelaide Astros 5v2Wyndham
Adelaide Astros 3v4Wyndham
Tasmania checkmates11v5Wellington whalers
Tasmania checkmates9v4Wellington whalers
Tasmania checkmates11v0Wellington whalers
Sydney cyclones 5v7Wyndham
Sydney cyclones 2v0Wyndham
Sydney cyclones 3v6Wyndham
Pinecreek Bruins 3v6Queenstown aces
Pinecreek Bruins 2v1Queenstown aces
Pinecreek Bruins 3v5Queenstown aces
Perth panthers 5v8Rockhampton
Perth panthers 9v6Rockhampton
Perth panthers 1v3Rockhampton
Newcastle 2v3Onslow orioles
Newcastle 4v7Onslow orioles
Newcastle 5v4Onslow orioles
Nelson 1v4Otago
Nelson 4v2Otago
Nelson 2v9Otago
Gisborne islanders6v0Hobart rockets
Gisborne islanders1v0Hobart rockets
Gisborne islanders4v1Hobart rockets
Dunedin threshers3v3Melbourne metros
Dunedin threshers5v2Melbourne metros
Dunedin threshers7v7Melbourne metros
Canberra royals10v5Christchurch saints
Canberra royals8v1Christchurch saints
Canberra royals13v3Christchurch saints
Broome memorials 0v4Darwin Devils
Broome memorials 3v6Darwin Devils
Broome memorials 3v6Darwin Devils
Alice springs5v11Auckland dodgers
Alice springs0v8Auckland dodgers
Alice springs2v5Auckland dodgers
Adelaide Astros 6v10Brisbane chiefs
Adelaide Astros 6v3Brisbane chiefs
Adelaide Astros 3v4Brisbane chiefs
Auckland dodgers9v4Adelaide Astros
Auckland dodgers2v1Adelaide Astros
Auckland dodgers4v5Adelaide Astros
Brisbane chiefs 3v1Alice springs
Brisbane chiefs 6v2Alice springs
Brisbane chiefs 11v6Alice springs
Christchurch saints6v3Broome memorials
Christchurch saints4v8Broome memorials
Christchurch saints5v5Broome memorials
Darwin Devils 3v3Canberra royals
Darwin Devils 4v7Canberra royals
Darwin Devils 4v1Canberra royals
Hobart rockets3v2Dunedin threshers
Hobart rockets5v6Dunedin threshers
Hobart rockets2v0Dunedin threshers
Melbourne metros4v11Gisborne islanders
Melbourne metros2v4Gisborne islanders
Melbourne metros6v2Gisborne islanders
Onslow orioles 4v2Nelson
Onslow orioles 0v6Nelson
Onslow orioles 3v2Nelson
Otago 3v7Newcastle
Otago 6v4Newcastle
Otago 2v9Newcastle
Queenstown aces10v7Perth panthers
Queenstown aces4v6Perth panthers
Queenstown aces4v3Perth panthers
Rockhampton7v6Pinecreek Bruins
Rockhampton6v8Pinecreek Bruins
Rockhampton3v1Pinecreek Bruins
Wellington whalers5v8Sydney cyclones
Wellington whalers2v8Sydney cyclones
Wellington whalers3v5Sydney cyclones
Wyndham 2v4Tasmania checkmates
Wyndham 2v6Tasmania checkmates
Wyndham 4v3Tasmania checkmates

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