40k Season 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Sgt Smashy the Hated3210221757
2Garygus Whitebeard3201144106
3Ryleh the Righteous3111131304
4Darren Hall3003722-150

Viewed 1064 times

Ryleh the Righteous0v6Garygus Whitebeard
Darren Hall7v11Sgt Smashy the Hated
Darren Hall0v5Garygus Whitebeard
Darren Hall0v6Ryleh the Righteous
Sgt Smashy the Hated4v3Garygus Whitebeard
Ryleh the Righteous7v7Sgt Smashy the Hated

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