4-2-1 League

Welcome to the 4-2-1 2018/19 League Table
Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Réal Girls In Your Area66005014918
2Nos Blancos641124101413
3Give Us The Draw64022271512
4Hezballers FC54011841412
5Goalroyd Howe5401178912
6Sevilla Constipation 6303256199
8Expected Toulouse 530214599
9Chicken Tikka MoSalah6303171349
10Vitoria Zetibal6213188107
11Pathetico Madrid6213820-127
12Classic XI5104531-263
13The Seven5104348-453
14Shoot and Scoot5014320-171
15Some Minnows Triumph 6006155-540

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Chicken Tikka MoSalah3v6Nos Blancos
The Seven0v10Goalroyd Howe
Classic XI2v1Shoot and Scoot
Sevilla Constipation 2v3Give Us The Draw
Vitoria Zetibal1v2Pathetico Madrid
Nipoli12v0Some Minnows Triumph
Réal Girls In Your Area3v1Expected Toulouse
Chicken Tikka MoSalah0v2Give Us The Draw
Goalroyd Howe4v3Nipoli
Nos Blancos0v3Réal Girls In Your Area
Classic XI0v1Pathetico Madrid
Vitoria Zetibal10v0Some Minnows Triumph
Expected Toulouse 1v0Shoot and Scoot
Sevilla Constipation 2v0Hezballers FC
Sevilla Constipation 13v0The Seven
Nos Blancos11v3Classic XI
Chicken Tikka MoSalah0v1Goalroyd Howe
Hezballers FC3v2Nipoli
Give Us The Draw2v1Vitoria Zetibal
Shoot and Scoot2v2Pathetico Madrid
Réal Girls In Your Area15v0Some Minnows Triumph
Goalroyd Howe2v1Sevilla Constipation
Some Minnows Triumph 1v8Chicken Tikka MoSalah
Vitoria Zetibal1v1Nos Blancos
Expected Toulouse 8v0Classic XI
Give Us The Draw0v3Nipoli
Hezballers FC10v0The Seven
Pathetico Madrid0v9Réal Girls In Your Area
Give Us The Draw15v0The Seven
Sevilla Constipation 7v0Some Minnows Triumph
Nos Blancos5v0Nipoli
Expected Toulouse 3v0Vitoria Zetibal
Réal Girls In Your Area10v0Shoot and Scoot
Goalroyd Howe0v4Hezballers FC
Pathetico Madrid2v4Chicken Tikka MoSalah
The Seven3v0Some Minnows Triumph
Vitoria Zetibal5v0Shoot and Scoot
Réal Girls In Your Area10v0Classic XI
Hezballers FC1v0Give Us The Draw
Nipoli4v1Pathetico Madrid
Sevilla Constipation 0v1Nos Blancos
Chicken Tikka MoSalah2v1Expected Toulouse

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