3rd period

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Pennsylvania Pickles107031251111421
2Backstreet borderland boostios10613129983119
3California Gold Miners9522121863517
4American Aces10316102140-3810
5The United Airlines910885127-423

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The United Airlines10v17California Gold Miners
Backstreet borderland boostios9v15California Gold Miners
The United Airlines10v14Pennsylvania Pickles
American Aces10v16Pennsylvania Pickles
American Aces13v9The United Airlines
American Aces8v16Backstreet borderland boostios
Backstreet borderland boostios12v13The United Airlines
American Aces5v19California Gold Miners
The United Airlines11v17Pennsylvania Pickles
American Aces7v19Backstreet borderland boostios
Pennsylvania Pickles7v17Backstreet borderland boostios
Pennsylvania Pickles11v13California Gold Miners
American Aces15v13The United Airlines
American Aces13v13California Gold Miners
Backstreet borderland boostios13v10Pennsylvania Pickles
Backstreet borderland boostios12v12California Gold Miners
Pennsylvania Pickles11v8Backstreet borderland boostios
California Gold Miners7v12American Aces
Pennsylvania Pickles16v11American Aces
Pennsylvania Pickles12v9The United Airlines
Pennsylvania Pickles11v9California Gold Miners
The United Airlines3v16California Gold Miners
The United Airlines7v11Backstreet borderland boostios
American Aces8v12Backstreet borderland boostios

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