3pm League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Benteke Your Uncle440089177212
2Da boys and Cooney2200295246
3Is Your Motherwell? FC32013514216
4Botony Utd32013920196
5Twente Twente Vision21012122-13
6Ball So Hard21011521-63
7shaggas Fc21011023-133
9Crystal Phallus30032456-320
10Galahad Utd4004567-620

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Da boys and Cooney15v0Galahad Utd
PPP-id-Phd0v15Is Your Motherwell? FC
Crystal Phallus8v10shaggas Fc
Galahad Utd0v15Botony Utd
Crystal Phallus6v30Benteke Your Uncle
Twente Twente Vision6v22Benteke Your Uncle
Ball So Hard5v13PPP-id-Phd
Botony Utd16v10Crystal Phallus
Da boys and Cooney14v5Is Your Motherwell? FC
Benteke Your Uncle22v5Galahad Utd
Ball So Hard10v8Botony Utd
shaggas Fc0v15Benteke Your Uncle
PPP-id-Phd0v15Twente Twente Vision
Is Your Motherwell? FC15v0Galahad Utd

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