3 LIGA B - sezon #4

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Goal Kings8431113815
2Devils of War834172513
3POLAND STARS440061512
4Habba Babba FC632164211
5Crew Hero62225418
6Yellow Devils8224911-28
71FC SHOWUP42115237
8Alba Aquilas420245-16
9Real Murders613246-26
10FIFA PRO612316-55
12Polskie Scyzory602416-52

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Goal Kings0v0Yellow Devils
Goal Kings3v1Yellow Devils
Crew Hero0v0FIFA PRO
Crew Hero3v0FIFA PRO
Polskie Scyzory0v0Real Murders
Polskie Scyzory0v2Real Murders
Devils of War0v0Goal Kings
Devils of War0v0Goal Kings
Habba Babba FC1v0Devils of War
Habba Babba FC0v2Devils of War
Yellow Devils1v4LosBlancos
Yellow Devils3v0LosBlancos
Real Murders0v21FC SHOWUP
Real Murders0v21FC SHOWUP
FIFA PRO1v0Polskie Scyzory
FIFA PRO0v0Polskie Scyzory
Alba Aquilas0v3Yellow Devils
Alba Aquilas2v0Yellow Devils
Goal Kings0v1Alba Aquilas
Goal Kings2v1Alba Aquilas
1FC SHOWUP1v2Devils of War
1FC SHOWUP0v0Devils of War
Habba Babba FC1v1Real Murders
Habba Babba FC1v1Real Murders
LosBlancos0v4Goal Kings
LosBlancos0v2Goal Kings
POLAND STARS1v0Polskie Scyzory
POLAND STARS2v1Polskie Scyzory
Habba Babba FC2v0FIFA PRO
Habba Babba FC1v0FIFA PRO
Crew Hero1v0Yellow Devils
Crew Hero1v1Yellow Devils
Devils of War3v0LosBlancos
Devils of War0v0LosBlancos

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