2eme degrés gr. 4

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1FC Saxon66004554018
2FC Erde660039182118
3FC Saillon640249222712
4FC Martigny84043741-412
5FC Ardon8305403289
6FC Vetroz4301171169
7FC Riddes3201819-116
8FC Bramois82062448-246
9FC Conthey71061556-413
10FC Chateauneuf60061941-220

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FC Bramois3v9FC Erde
FC Saxon7v3FC Martigny
FC Ardon3v5FC Saillon
FC Martigny7v5FC Ardon
FC Riddes0v6FC Saxon
FC Conthey8v6FC Chateauneuf
FC Saillon10v2FC Bramois
FC Erde4v2FC Vetroz
FC Saxon9v0FC Conthey
FC Bramois3v6FC Martigny
FC Ardon10v3FC Riddes
FC Erde3v1FC Chateauneuf
FC Saillon9v6FC Chateauneuf
FC Saxon7v0FC Ardon
FC Conthey2v8FC Erde
FC Riddes5v3FC Bramois
FC Martigny2v6FC Vetroz
FC Ardon6v2FC Conthey
FC Bramois1v7FC Saxon
FC Chateauneuf3v4FC Martigny
FC Erde7v6FC Saillon
FC Martigny4v8FC Erde
FC Ardon5v2FC Bramois
FC Conthey0v12FC Saillon
FC Saillon7v4FC Martigny
FC Bramois8v1FC Conthey
FC Vetroz4v3FC Ardon
FC Chateauneuf1v9FC Saxon
FC Conthey2v7FC Martigny
FC Bramois2v5FC Vetroz
FC Ardon8v2FC Chateauneuf

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