2017 CSA-JSL Preseason

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2LEGO Village 33007076
3LEGO City Huskies 2200212194
5Berry Bitty City 220011294
6Astor North 32011115-44
7Heartlake City 21016422
8LEGO City FC 21014222
9NinjaGo 21015412
10Disney 210156-12
11Polly City 2101613-72
12Astor City 3102314-112
13Bricksburg 100123-10
15Pixy Hollow 200206-60
16Fort Nate200229-70
17Little People Village 3003513-80
18Barbie City 2002019-190

Viewed 122 times

LEGO City FC 4v1Little People Village
Berry Bitty City 3v2Heartlake City
Astor North 2v10Hoth
Pixy Hollow 0v2Polly City
Malibu2v3Astor City
Fort Nate0v2LEGO Village
Barbie City 0v14LEGO City Huskies
LEGO Village 4v0Astor City
Little People Village 3v6Astor North
Disney 2v5Danville
Hoth13v4Polly City
NinjaGo 4v0Pixy Hollow
LEGO Village 1v0LEGO City FC
Astor City 0v8Berry Bitty City
Astor North 3v2Bricksburg
Heartlake City 4v1Malibu
LEGO City Huskies 7v2Fort Nate
Barbie City 0v5Danville
Disney 3v1Little People Village

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