2017 Bloody Fist championship

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Reikland Reavers22007166
2Gandalf's grumblers11004043
3Skaven Scrubs11002023
4Nashrak's gits11001013
5The Northland noggen foggers00000000
6The dongland Dongers00000000
7Skavenblight scramblers00000000
8Morkami dolphins00000000
9Twilight Zodiac100112-10
10Rengars ravengers100101-10
11Kharadron exiles100102-20
12Bloodhod Brawlers200209-90
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Skaven Scrubs2v0Kharadron exiles
Reikland Reavers5v0Bloodhod Brawlers
Nashrak's gits1v0Rengars ravengers
Reikland Reavers2v1Twilight Zodiac
Bloodhod Brawlers0v4Gandalf's grumblers

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