2017-2018 USSDA U13 (2005) Southwest

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2San Diego Surf1072135112423
3Albion SC117132315822
4LA Galaxy San Diego106132318519
5Los Angeles United Futbol Academy (LAUFA)115243124717
6LA Galaxy951325141116
7Real So Cal105141522-716
8FC Golden State92521417-311
9Strikers FC9225917-88
10Santa Barbara Soccer Club82241222-108
11Arsenal SC112181036-267
13Nomads SC9009340-370

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Arsenal SC0v3FC Golden State
Nomads SC0v2Arsenal SC
LA Galaxy San Diego0v0Albion SC
Pateadores1v2Albion SC
FC Golden State3v1Albion SC
Nomads SC0v7San Diego Surf
Los Angeles United Futbol Academy (LAUFA)4v2Arsenal SC
Los Angeles United Futbol Academy (LAUFA)1v2LA Galaxy San Diego
FC Golden State0v5LA Galaxy
LAFC5v0Real So Cal
Strikers FC3v0Real So Cal
Strikers FC1v5San Diego Surf
LA Galaxy San Diego1v3LAFC
Albion SC3v2Santa Barbara Soccer Club
FC Golden State1v1San Diego Surf
Arsenal SC2v1Real So Cal
Albion SC3v2Arsenal SC
Santa Barbara Soccer Club2v4Real So Cal
LA Galaxy1v5Los Angeles United Futbol Academy (LAUFA)
Nomads SC1v3Pateadores
FC Golden State1v1Strikers FC
LAFC3v0San Diego Surf
Real So Cal1v0Nomads SC
Pateadores0v1Santa Barbara Soccer Club
Strikers FC1v1LA Galaxy
San Diego Surf1v1Los Angeles United Futbol Academy (LAUFA)
Arsenal SC0v6LAFC
Santa Barbara Soccer Club1v10LAFC
Pateadores1v3Real So Cal
Arsenal SC1v5LA Galaxy San Diego
Albion SC2v0LA Galaxy
Los Angeles United Futbol Academy (LAUFA)4v0Nomads SC
San Diego Surf4v1LA Galaxy San Diego
LA Galaxy San Diego4v3LA Galaxy
Santa Barbara Soccer Club1v1Arsenal SC
Albion SC1v2Real So Cal
FC Golden State2v2Los Angeles United Futbol Academy (LAUFA)
Pateadores0v1Strikers FC
Santa Barbara Soccer Club0v2Albion SC
Strikers FC1v2LA Galaxy San Diego
LA Galaxy3v0FC Golden State
LAFC7v0Arsenal SC
San Diego Surf5v0Nomads SC
Los Angeles United Futbol Academy (LAUFA)4v2Pateadores
Albion SC1v3Los Angeles United Futbol Academy (LAUFA)
Pateadores3v0LA Galaxy San Diego
Strikers FC1v2LAFC
Santa Barbara Soccer Club2v2FC Golden State
LA Galaxy1v0Arsenal SC
LAFC10v0Nomads SC
Strikers FC0v3Santa Barbara Soccer Club
Real So Cal2v2FC Golden State
Albion SC5v2Pateadores
Los Angeles United Futbol Academy (LAUFA)3v5San Diego Surf
Pateadores2v6LA Galaxy
Nomads SC2v3LA Galaxy San Diego
Real So Cal2v1Los Angeles United Futbol Academy (LAUFA)
San Diego Surf5v0Arsenal SC
Albion SC3v0Strikers FC
LA Galaxy San Diego5v0Real So Cal
LA Galaxy5v0Nomads SC
LAFC6v3Los Angeles United Futbol Academy (LAUFA)
Pateadores1v2San Diego Surf

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