2017/08/10 Mam Baiz

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Abubekr (Croatia)108112461825
2Emîr (Nigeria)1071223131022
3Idrîs (Netherlands)9531126618
4Muhemmed (Argentina)105232113817
5Ramîn (Greece)95131113-216
6Omîd (Yugoslavia)104151816213
7Loqman (Europe XI)10343910-113
8Keywan (Brazil)93331212012
9Mîlad (World XI)924356-110
10Osame (England)10226819-118
11Khatar (France)10118317-144
12Shwane (Germany)10037116-153

Viewed 51 times

Loqman (Europe XI)1v0Shwane (Germany)
Emîr (Nigeria)3v0Khatar (France)
Abubekr (Croatia)5v0Osame (England)
Muhemmed (Argentina)6v0Omîd (Yugoslavia)
Muhemmed (Argentina)2v1Omîd (Yugoslavia)
Emîr (Nigeria)2v1Loqman (Europe XI)
Keywan (Brazil)2v1Osame (England)
Ramîn (Greece)1v0Khatar (France)
Shwane (Germany)0v0Mîlad (World XI)
Idrîs (Netherlands)1v0Abubekr (Croatia)
Mîlad (World XI)1v2Emîr (Nigeria)
Omîd (Yugoslavia)3v0Shwane (Germany)
Khatar (France)1v1Idrîs (Netherlands)
Keywan (Brazil)1v1Abubekr (Croatia)
Ramîn (Greece)0v0Loqman (Europe XI)
Osame (England)2v1Muhemmed (Argentina)
Osame (England)0v0Shwane (Germany)
Ramîn (Greece)1v0Mîlad (World XI)
Idrîs (Netherlands)2v0Keywan (Brazil)
Omîd (Yugoslavia)1v2Emîr (Nigeria)
Muhemmed (Argentina)2v3Abubekr (Croatia)
Loqman (Europe XI)1v0Khatar (France)
Loqman (Europe XI)0v0Idrîs (Netherlands)
Ramîn (Greece)0v6Omîd (Yugoslavia)
Muhemmed (Argentina)1v1Keywan (Brazil)
Shwane (Germany)0v2Abubekr (Croatia)
Khatar (France)0v1Mîlad (World XI)
Emîr (Nigeria)3v1Osame (England)
Keywan (Brazil)3v1Shwane (Germany)
Loqman (Europe XI)0v0Mîlad (World XI)
Ramîn (Greece)4v1Osame (England)
Muhemmed (Argentina)2v0Idrîs (Netherlands)
Omîd (Yugoslavia)3v0Khatar (France)
Emîr (Nigeria)1v3Abubekr (Croatia)
Idrîs (Netherlands)1v1Mîlad (World XI)
Muhemmed (Argentina)0v0Shwane (Germany)
Abubekr (Croatia)3v0Ramîn (Greece)
Loqman (Europe XI)2v2Omîd (Yugoslavia)
Khatar (France)1v0Osame (England)
Emîr (Nigeria)1v1Keywan (Brazil)
Osame (England)1v0Loqman (Europe XI)
Mîlad (World XI)1v0Omîd (Yugoslavia)
Muhemmed (Argentina)2v4Emîr (Nigeria)
Idrîs (Netherlands)2v0Shwane (Germany)
Khatar (France)0v3Abubekr (Croatia)
Keywan (Brazil)0v1Ramîn (Greece)
Mîlad (World XI)1v1Osame (England)
Idrîs (Netherlands)2v0Omîd (Yugoslavia)
Shwane (Germany)0v3Emîr (Nigeria)
Ramîn (Greece)2v3Muhemmed (Argentina)
Loqman (Europe XI)1v3Abubekr (Croatia)
Keywan (Brazil)2v1Khatar (France)
Omîd (Yugoslavia)2v1Osame (England)
Keywan (Brazil)2v3Loqman (Europe XI)
Khatar (France)0v2Muhemmed (Argentina)
Ramîn (Greece)2v0Shwane (Germany)
Abubekr (Croatia)1v0Mîlad (World XI)
Emîr (Nigeria)2v3Idrîs (Netherlands)

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