2016,17 NFL season standings including preseason and postseason

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Minnesota Vikings99002041257927
2Philadelphia Eagles87011968910721
3New England Patriots97021991544521
4Baltimore Ravens97021881484021
5Houston Texans97021841651921
6Denver Broncos86021911424918
7Atlanta Falcons86022221863618
8Seattle Seahawks86021571263118
9Washington Redskins9603195192318
10Green Bay Packers75021401172315
11Tennessee Titans95041831612215
12Pittsburgh Steelers95041891721715
13Los Angeles Rams8503146164-1815
14Dallas Cowboys84042001742612
15Kansas City Chiefs84041591441512
16Detroit Lions9405203202112
17Oakland Raiders8404186186012
18Indianapolis Colts9405210228-1812
19New York Giants8404123162-3912
20Carolina Panthers830518918189
21Cincinnati Bengals830515515239
22Buffalo Bills830514213939
23San Francisco 49ers8305175197-229
24Miami Dolphins9306156197-419
25Tampa Bay Buccaneers8305156199-439
26San Diego Chargers8206181192-116
27Arizona Cardinals8206167181-146
28Jacksonville Jaguars8206159193-346
29New York Jets9207153206-536
30Chicago Bears9207135201-666
31New Orleans Saints8107171230-593
32Cleveland Browns9009131240-1090

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Indianapolis Colts29v23Chicago Bears
Washington Redskins16v10Baltimore Ravens
New England Patriots33v13Cleveland Browns
Minnesota Vikings31v13Houston Texans
Philadelphia Eagles23v24Detroit Lions
Pittsburgh Steelers31v13New York Jets
Tennessee Titans30v17Miami Dolphins
New York Giants10v24Minnesota Vikings
Kansas City Chiefs14v43Pittsburgh Steelers
Dallas Cowboys24v17San Francisco 49ers
New Orleans Saints35v34San Diego Chargers
Los Angeles Rams17v13Arizona Cardinals
Denver Broncos27v7Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Detroit Lions14v17Chicago Bears
Oakland Raiders28v27Baltimore Ravens
Carolina Panthers33v48Atlanta Falcons
Buffalo Bills16v0New England Patriots
Seattle Seahawks27v17New York Jets
Cleveland Browns20v31Washington Redskins
Tennessee Titans20v27Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts27v30Jacksonville Jaguars
Miami Dolphins7v22Cincinnati Bengals
Atlanta Falcons45v32New Orleans Saints
Chicago Bears17v31Dallas Cowboys
Pittsburgh Steelers3v34Philadelphia Eagles
San Diego Chargers22v26Indianapolis Colts
New York Jets3v24Kansas City Chiefs
San Francisco 49ers18v37Seattle Seahawks
Los Angeles Rams37v32Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Minnesota Vikings22v10Carolina Panthers
Denver Broncos29v17Cincinnati Bengals
Detroit Lions27v34Green Bay Packers
Baltimore Ravens19v17Jacksonville Jaguars
Cleveland Browns24v30Miami Dolphins
Washington Redskins29v27New York Giants
Oakland Raiders17v10Tennessee Titans
Arizona Cardinals18v33Buffalo Bills
Houston Texans0v27New England Patriots
Philadelphia Eagles29v14Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers14v17Minnesota Vikings
Indianapolis Colts20v34Denver Broncos
Atlanta Falcons35v28Oakland Raiders
Jacksonville Jaguars14v38San Diego Chargers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers7v40Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks3v9Los Angeles Rams
Baltimore Ravens25v20Cleveland Browns
Tennessee Titans16v15Detroit Lions
Kansas City Chiefs12v19Houston Texans
Miami Dolphins24v31New England Patriots
New Orleans Saints13v16New York Giants
Cincinnati Bengals16v24Pittsburgh Steelers
Dallas Cowboys27v23Washington Redskins
San Francisco 49ers27v46Carolina Panthers
New York Jets37v31Buffalo Bills
Los Angeles Rams0v28San Francisco 49ers
Pittsburgh Steelers38v16Washington Redskins
New England Patriots23v21Arizona Cardinals
Detroit Lions39v35Indianapolis Colts
New York Giants20v19Dallas Cowboys
Miami Dolphins10v12Seattle Seahawks
Tampa Bay Buccaneers31v24Atlanta Falcons
Buffalo Bills7v13Baltimore Ravens
Chicago Bears14v23Houston Texans
Minnesota Vikings25v16Tennessee Titans
Cleveland Browns10v29Philadelphia Eagles
Cincinnati Bengals23v22New York Jets
Oakland Raiders35v34New Orleans Saints
San Diego Chargers27v33Kansas City Chiefs
Green Bay Packers27v23Jacksonville Jaguars
Carolina Panthers20v21Denver Broncos
Seattle Seahawks23v21Oakland Raiders
San Francisco 49ers31v21San Diego Chargers
Denver Broncos17v38Arizona Cardinals
Baltimore Ravens23v14New Orleans Saints
Chicago Bears21v7Cleveland Browns
Green Bay Packers7v17Kansas City Chiefs
Houston Texans28v17Dallas Cowboys
Los Angeles Rams25v27Minnesota Vikings
Buffalo Bills0v31Detroit Lions
Pittsburgh Steelers6v18Carolina Panthers
Indianapolis Colts13v10Cincinnati Bengals
Tennessee Titans21v10Miami Dolphins
New York Jets6v14Philadelphia Eagles
New England Patriots9v19New York Giants
Jacksonville Jaguars15v17Atlanta Falcons
Washington Redskins20v13Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Cincinnati Bengals21v26Jacksonville Jaguars
Arizona Cardinals24v34Houston Texans
San Diego Chargers10v23Minnesota Vikings
Los Angeles Rams9v17Denver Broncos
Tennessee Titans27v14Oakland Raiders
New York Giants21v20New York Jets
Philadelphia Eagles33v23Indianapolis Colts
Detroit Lions9v30Baltimore Ravens
Kansas City Chiefs23v7Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers21v10San Francisco 49ers
Cleveland Browns13v30Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Pittsburgh Steelers27v14New Orleans Saints
Buffalo Bills16v21Washington Redskins
New England Patriots19v17Carolina Panthers
Dallas Cowboys17v27Seattle Seahawks
Atlanta Falcons6v17Miami Dolphins
Kansas City Chiefs20v21Los Angeles Rams
San Francisco 49ers31v24Denver Broncos
New Orleans Saints7v16Houston Texans
Tampa Bay Buccaneers27v21Jacksonville Jaguars
Baltimore Ravens19v18Indianapolis Colts
New York Giants0v21Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers26v16Tennessee Titans
Arizona Cardinals3v19San Diego Chargers
Miami Dolphins14v41Dallas Cowboys
New York Jets18v22Washington Redskins
Minnesota Vikings18v11Seattle Seahawks
Atlanta Falcons24v13Cleveland Browns
Chicago Bears22v23New England Patriots
Oakland Raiders12v20Green Bay Packers
Cincinnati Bengals30v14Detroit Lions
Pittsburgh Steelers0v17Philadelphia Eagles
Tampa Bay Buccaneers9v17Philadelphia Eagles
Tennessee Titans27v10San Diego Chargers
New York Jets17v13Jacksonville Jaguars
New York Giants10v27Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots34v22New Orleans Saints
Kansas City Chiefs16v17Seattle Seahawks
Houston Texans24v13San Francisco 49ers
Detroit Lions30v17Pittsburgh Steelers
Dallas Cowboys24v28Los Angeles Rams
Cleveland Browns11v17Green Bay Packers
Cincinnati Bengals16v17Minnesota Vikings
Chicago Bears0v22Denver Broncos
Buffalo Bills18v19Indianapolis Colts
Baltimore Ravens22v19Carolina Panthers
Atlanta Falcons23v17Washington Redskins
Oakland Raiders31v10Arizona Cardinals

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