2016,17 Nba Standings Including Preseason and Postseason

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Houston Rockets2200261197646
2Golden State Warriors3201318268506
3Boston Celtics3201300270306
4Cleveland Cavaliers2200225207186
5Portland Trail Blazers2200213199146
6Indiana Pacers320133332586
7Denver Nuggets220020920366
8Atlanta Hawks110010483213
9Los Angeles Lakers2101200185153
10Miami Heat110010695113
11Chicago Bulls310232031373
12Milwaukee Brewers1100939123
13Oklahoma City Thunder2101229231-23
14New Orleans Pelicans2101212215-33
15Toronto Raptors3102301305-43
16Utah Jazz2101193197-43
17Phoenix Suns3102300305-53
18Washington Wizards2101220225-53
19Philadelphia Seventy Sixers3102316322-63
20Dallas Mavericks2101197204-73
21New York Knicks2101219228-93
22Brooklyn Nets2101199210-113
23Memphis Grizzlies2101185201-163
24Other opponents3102325360-353
25Los Angeles Clippers2101179218-393
26Minnesota Timberwolves00000000
27San Antonio Spurs10018691-50
28Detroit Pistons100194101-70
29Orlando Magic2002199219-200
30Sacramento Kings2002180208-280
31Charlotte Hornets3003266306-400
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Indiana Pacers105v121Chicago Bulls
Philadelphia Seventy Sixers105v108Cleveland Cavaliers
Charlotte Hornets86v104Boston Celtics
Brooklyn Nets98v116New York Knicks
Denver Nuggets101v97Los Angeles Lakers
Phoenix Suns110v115Portland Trail Blazers
Sacramento Kings96v105Golden State Warriors
Atlanta Hawks104v83Memphis Grizzlies
Boston Celtics107v92Charlotte Hornets
Detroit Pistons94v101Brooklyn Nets
Chicago Bulls108v115Indiana Pacers
Washington Wizards125v119Philadelphia Seventy Sixers
Toronto Raptors98v104Los Angeles Clippers
Utah Jazz104v99Phoenix Suns
Orlando Magic102v117Cleveland Cavaliers
Oklahoma City Thunder92v89Other opponents
Los Angeles Clippers75v120Golden State Warriors
Sacramento Kings84v103Los Angeles Lakers
New York Knicks103v130Houston Rockets
Indiana Pacers113v96New Orleans Pelicans
Miami Heat106v95Washington Wizards
Boston Celtics89v92Philadelphia Seventy Sixers
Utah Jazz89v98Portland Trail Blazers
San Antonio Spurs86v91Phoenix Suns
Denver Nuggets108v106Toronto Raptors
Charlotte Hornets88v95Dallas Mavericks
Orlando Magic97v102Memphis Grizzlies
Milwaukee Brewers93v91Chicago Bulls
Oklahoma City Thunder137v142Other opponents
Houston Rockets131v94Other opponents
Dallas Mavericks102v116New Orleans Pelicans
Golden State Warriors93v97Toronto Raptors

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