2016 AFL

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Brisbane 121101126783543244
2Richmond 131003134696138540
3West Coast 139041531117435736
5Collingwood 13715117393523830
6Port Adelaide 137061503107942428
7Hawthorn 127051333100832528
8North Melbourne 1370610361194-15828
10Sydney 1360711601350-19024
11Essendon 126069701210-24024
12Gold Coast 1351711181248-13022
13Melbourne 1350812131235-2220
14Western Bulldogs 125079821215-23320
15Fremantle 124081192105214016
17St Kilda 124088511197-34616
18Carlton 1310127031593-8904

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St Kilda 63v90Sydney
Melbourne 60v88West Coast
Gold Coast 92v75North Melbourne
Western Bulldogs 145v36Carlton
Richmond 139v49GWS
Collingwood 94v80Hawthorn
Essendon 47v98Port Adelaide
Carlton 60v76Gold Coast
Brisbane 112v68Adelaide
Sydney 72v92Richmond
Fremantle 82v96Collingwood
Western Bulldogs 84v76Brisbane
GWS76v90North Melbourne
Carlton 17v202Port Adelaide
Richmond 92v120West Coast
St Kilda 85v92Melbourne
Collingwood 108v50GWS
North Melbourne 112v46Sydney
West Coast 130v22Essendon
Gold Coast 72v137Fremantle
Port Adelaide 137v66Geelong
Melbourne 51v130Collingwood
St Kilda 26v160Hawthorn
North Melbourne 45v170West Coast
Port Adelaide 99v55Western Bulldogs
Essendon 105v98Geelong
Gold Coast 61v88Sydney
Carlton 60v121Adelaide
Fremantle 75v88Richmond
West Coast 126v81Geelong
Collingwood 138v62North Melbourne
Brisbane 83v50St Kilda
Richmond 109v41Essendon
Western Bulldogs 60v46GWS
Melbourne 50v86Port Adelaide
Hawthorn 109v52Gold Coast
Sydney 179v41Carlton
Port Adelaide 92v102Richmond
Melbourne 180v31Western Bulldogs
Essendon 86v89Brisbane
Fremantle 60v85North Melbourne
Hawthorn 136v69Sydney
Gold Coast 112v112Collingwood
St Kilda 51v188West Coast
Brisbane 133v124Port Adelaide
Richmond 106v72Collingwood
Western Bulldogs 115v106Fremantle
Sydney 74v139Geelong
Carlton 90v72GWS
West Coast 73v165Gold Coast
Hawthorn 77v92Melbourne
Adelaide95v56St Kilda
Essendon 75v136North Melbourne
Gold Coast 142v99Adelaide
Port Adelaide 136v169West Coast
Carlton 34v146Brisbane
Fremantle 134v137Essendon
Melbourne 173v59Sydney
North Melbourne 79v156Richmond
Western Bulldogs 133v148St Kilda
Collingwood 30v32Geelong
Adelaide61v159Port Adelaide
St Kilda 61v87Essendon
Melbourne 48v145Fremantle
West Coast 125v136GWS
North Melbourne 81v47Hawthorn
Gold Coast 76v99Brisbane
Sydney 94v62Western Bulldogs
Richmond 106v52Geelong
Carlton 51v125Collingwood
Western Bulldogs 49v174Adelaide
Geelong121v44North Melbourne
Brisbane 163v52West Coast
Fremantle 138v146Sydney
Port Adelaide 121v126Hawthorn
GWS123v46Gold Coast
Essendon 88v65Collingwood
St Kilda 107v78Carlton
Richmond 98v109Melbourne
West Coast 61v98Fremantle
Geelong129v52Gold Coast
Hawthorn 75v94Western Bulldogs
Brisbane 79v66Richmond
North Melbourne 110v98Port Adelaide
Carlton 56v78Essendon
Collingwood 63v44St Kilda
North Melbourne 43v79Brisbane
Essendon 61v148Hawthorn
Gold Coast 74v84St Kilda
Port Adelaide 78v82Sydney
Collingwood 52v79Adelaide
Richmond 86v71Western Bulldogs
West Coast 134v42Carlton
Hawthorn 108v110Geelong
Fremantle 61v73Port Adelaide
Adelaide36v74North Melbourne
St Kilda 76v54GWS
Western Bulldogs 83v95West Coast
Brisbane 98v88Collingwood
Sydney 86v143Essendon
Melbourne 60v98Gold Coast
Carlton 50v106Richmond

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