2016-17 U14 Youth Premier League

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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Cottingham Town28194556272961
3Widnes Albion28135105653344
5Ham Park Road281251166541241
6Berkhamstead Town2811895250241
7Linden Road Rovers28124125763-640
8Prescot Town2810995154-339
9Edgefield Town28114135450437
10Finsbury Circus28114135357-437
11Sedbergh Rovers28114135563-837
12Clayhill Crescent28105135361-835
13Goodge Wanderers2888124958-932
14Fleet Town2888124959-1032
15Great Linford2887134658-1231
16Winchelsea UTD28510135267-1525

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Linden Road Rovers2v4Fleet Town
Winchelsea UTD1v1Clayhill Crescent
Prescot Town1v1Ham Park Road
Finsbury Circus0v0Goodge Wanderers
Great Linford4v4Bristol
Cottingham Town0v2Teddington
Edgefield Town2v3Sedbergh Rovers
Berkhamstead Town2v3Widnes Albion
Clayhill Crescent3v3Prescot Town
Finsbury Circus3v0Clayhill Crescent
Sedbergh Rovers1v4Widnes Albion
Linden Road Rovers2v2Berkhamstead Town
Ham Park Road1v1Finsbury Circus
Goodge Wanderers1v2Great Linford
Teddington4v0Edgefield Town
Bristol0v4Cottingham Town
Fleet Town0v0Winchelsea UTD
Winchelsea UTD4v2Linden Road Rovers
Prescot Town2v2Fleet Town
Great Linford0v4Ham Park Road
Cottingham Town4v0Goodge Wanderers
Edgefield Town2v4Bristol
Widnes Albion2v2Teddington
Berkhamstead Town3v2Sedbergh Rovers
Teddington2v2Sedbergh Rovers
Bristol1v3Widnes Albion
Goodge Wanderers4v1Edgefield Town
Ham Park Road0v1Cottingham Town
Clayhill Crescent3v3Great Linford
Fleet Town0v4Finsbury Circus
Linden Road Rovers0v3Prescot Town
Winchelsea UTD1v3Berkhamstead Town
Edgefield Town2v3Ham Park Road
Prescot Town2v2Winchelsea UTD
Finsbury Circus3v4Linden Road Rovers
Great Linford2v0Fleet Town
Cottingham Town1v0Clayhill Crescent
Widnes Albion0v0Goodge Wanderers
Sedbergh Rovers0v4Bristol
Berkhamstead Town4v4Teddington
Goodge Wanderers0v2Sedbergh Rovers
Ham Park Road3v4Widnes Albion
Clayhill Crescent4v3Edgefield Town
Fleet Town3v1Cottingham Town
Linden Road Rovers0v0Great Linford
Winchelsea UTD4v1Finsbury Circus
Prescot Town2v0Berkhamstead Town
Finsbury Circus4v3Prescot Town
Great Linford3v2Winchelsea UTD
Cottingham Town4v1Linden Road Rovers
Edgefield Town4v0Fleet Town
Widnes Albion3v0Clayhill Crescent
Sedbergh Rovers0v3Ham Park Road
Teddington4v1Goodge Wanderers
Berkhamstead Town2v0Bristol
Goodge Wanderers3v3Bristol
Ham Park Road3v2Teddington
Clayhill Crescent0v0Sedbergh Rovers
Fleet Town1v4Widnes Albion
Linden Road Rovers3v4Edgefield Town
Winchelsea UTD2v3Cottingham Town
Prescot Town4v3Great Linford
Finsbury Circus0v1Berkhamstead Town
Great Linford0v3Finsbury Circus
Edgefield Town4v3Winchelsea UTD
Cottingham Town1v1Prescot Town
Widnes Albion1v3Linden Road Rovers
Sedbergh Rovers4v2Fleet Town
Teddington3v5Clayhill Crescent
Bristol2v0Ham Park Road
Berkhamstead Town4v4Goodge Wanderers
Ham Park Road0v3Goodge Wanderers
Clayhill Crescent0v3Bristol
Fleet Town4v1Teddington
Linden Road Rovers3v5Sedbergh Rovers
Winchelsea UTD1v3Widnes Albion
Prescot Town2v3Edgefield Town
Finsbury Circus1v6Cottingham Town
Great Linford4v4Berkhamstead Town
Cottingham Town3v1Great Linford
Edgefield Town4v2Finsbury Circus
Widnes Albion1v1Prescot Town
Sedbergh Rovers3v4Winchelsea UTD
Teddington3v4Linden Road Rovers
Bristol3v3Fleet Town
Goodge Wanderers1v4Clayhill Crescent
Berkhamstead Town2v3Ham Park Road
Clayhill Crescent0v1Ham Park Road
Fleet Town1v3Goodge Wanderers
Linden Road Rovers3v0Bristol
Winchelsea UTD0v4Teddington
Prescot Town1v0Sedbergh Rovers
Finsbury Circus4v2Widnes Albion
Great Linford0v2Edgefield Town
Cottingham Town1v0Berkhamstead Town
Edgefield Town0v1Cottingham Town
Widnes Albion1v2Great Linford
Sedbergh Rovers0v1Finsbury Circus
Teddington2v0Prescot Town
Bristol0v0Winchelsea UTD
Goodge Wanderers3v4Linden Road Rovers
Ham Park Road4v4Fleet Town
Berkhamstead Town3v1Clayhill Crescent
Cottingham Town1v0Edgefield Town
Great Linford4v1Widnes Albion
Finsbury Circus3v1Sedbergh Rovers
Prescot Town3v1Teddington
Winchelsea UTD2v3Bristol
Linden Road Rovers4v1Goodge Wanderers
Fleet Town1v1Ham Park Road
Clayhill Crescent2v3Berkhamstead Town
Goodge Wanderers4v2Ham Park Road
Ham Park Road4v1Clayhill Crescent
Goodge Wanderers2v1Fleet Town
Bristol2v1Linden Road Rovers
Teddington4v1Winchelsea UTD
Sedbergh Rovers2v0Prescot Town
Widnes Albion0v3Finsbury Circus
Edgefield Town0v0Great Linford
Berkhamstead Town0v2Cottingham Town
Great Linford3v0Cottingham Town
Finsbury Circus0v4Edgefield Town
Prescot Town0v4Widnes Albion
Winchelsea UTD2v4Sedbergh Rovers
Linden Road Rovers0v3Teddington
Fleet Town0v0Bristol
Clayhill Crescent4v2Goodge Wanderers
Ham Park Road4v1Berkhamstead Town
Bristol4v3Clayhill Crescent
Teddington2v0Fleet Town
Sedbergh Rovers1v3Linden Road Rovers
Widnes Albion3v2Winchelsea UTD
Edgefield Town0v1Prescot Town
Cottingham Town1v0Finsbury Circus
Berkhamstead Town3v0Great Linford
Finsbury Circus3v0Great Linford
Prescot Town0v4Cottingham Town
Winchelsea UTD1v1Edgefield Town
Linden Road Rovers4v1Widnes Albion
Fleet Town3v0Sedbergh Rovers
Clayhill Crescent1v0Teddington
Ham Park Road3v4Bristol
Goodge Wanderers0v0Berkhamstead Town
Bristol0v4Goodge Wanderers
Teddington3v4Ham Park Road
Sedbergh Rovers3v1Clayhill Crescent
Widnes Albion4v0Fleet Town
Edgefield Town2v3Linden Road Rovers
Cottingham Town0v0Winchelsea UTD
Great Linford0v1Prescot Town
Berkhamstead Town0v0Finsbury Circus
Prescot Town4v4Finsbury Circus
Winchelsea UTD4v3Great Linford
Linden Road Rovers0v0Cottingham Town
Fleet Town1v1Edgefield Town
Clayhill Crescent0v2Widnes Albion
Ham Park Road2v3Sedbergh Rovers
Goodge Wanderers0v0Teddington
Bristol1v2Berkhamstead Town
Sedbergh Rovers6v6Goodge Wanderers
Widnes Albion2v1Ham Park Road
Edgefield Town2v3Clayhill Crescent
Cottingham Town4v3Fleet Town
Great Linford1v2Linden Road Rovers
Finsbury Circus4v0Winchelsea UTD
Berkhamstead Town3v3Prescot Town
Winchelsea UTD2v4Prescot Town
Linden Road Rovers3v0Finsbury Circus
Fleet Town0v0Great Linford
Clayhill Crescent1v2Cottingham Town
Ham Park Road0v1Edgefield Town
Goodge Wanderers1v3Widnes Albion
Bristol2v2Sedbergh Rovers
Teddington4v2Berkhamstead Town
Sedbergh Rovers0v3Teddington
Widnes Albion2v3Bristol
Edgefield Town4v0Goodge Wanderers
Cottingham Town3v4Ham Park Road
Great Linford1v3Clayhill Crescent
Finsbury Circus2v6Fleet Town
Prescot Town2v3Linden Road Rovers
Berkhamstead Town1v1Winchelsea UTD
Linden Road Rovers2v2Winchelsea UTD
Fleet Town1v0Prescot Town
Clayhill Crescent4v3Finsbury Circus
Ham Park Road1v2Great Linford
Goodge Wanderers0v2Cottingham Town
Bristol1v0Edgefield Town
Teddington3v0Widnes Albion
Sedbergh Rovers3v0Berkhamstead Town
Widnes Albion0v4Sedbergh Rovers
Edgefield Town1v0Teddington
Cottingham Town3v2Bristol
Great Linford0v3Goodge Wanderers
Finsbury Circus1v4Ham Park Road
Prescot Town1v1Clayhill Crescent
Winchelsea UTD2v4Fleet Town
Berkhamstead Town1v0Linden Road Rovers
Fleet Town3v1Linden Road Rovers
Clayhill Crescent0v4Winchelsea UTD
Ham Park Road1v2Prescot Town
Goodge Wanderers0v2Finsbury Circus
Bristol4v4Great Linford
Teddington1v0Cottingham Town
Sedbergh Rovers2v1Edgefield Town
Widnes Albion0v4Berkhamstead Town
Edgefield Town3v3Widnes Albion
Cottingham Town4v2Sedbergh Rovers
Great Linford0v2Teddington
Finsbury Circus0v1Bristol
Prescot Town0v2Goodge Wanderers
Winchelsea UTD4v4Ham Park Road
Linden Road Rovers0v3Clayhill Crescent
Berkhamstead Town1v0Fleet Town
Clayhill Crescent5v2Fleet Town
Ham Park Road5v0Linden Road Rovers
Goodge Wanderers1v1Winchelsea UTD
Bristol4v5Prescot Town
Teddington4v1Finsbury Circus
Sedbergh Rovers0v4Great Linford
Widnes Albion0v0Cottingham Town
Edgefield Town3v1Berkhamstead Town

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