2016-17 U14 Youth Championship

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1AFC Riverside20123545351039
2Salisbury Wanderers20113641311036
4Ashton Albion2010284337632
6Billingham Town207854141029
8The Savoy208484643328
9Bamber Bridge2083954441027
10Aston United207494345-225
11Hendon United206773947-825
12Polbathic Athletic207493141-1025
13Cross Gates2073103742-524
14Sheriff Hutton2072112940-1123
15Riding Mill204883949-1020
16Westbury Town2055103143-1220

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Riding Mill3v0Billingham Town
Cross Gates1v3Ashton Albion
AFC Riverside5v1Hendon United
Lincoln3v2The Savoy
Polbathic Athletic2v1Sheriff Hutton
Salisbury Wanderers4v2Aston United
Westbury Town2v3Bamber Bridge
Riding Mill1v4Cross Gates
Billingham Town0v0AFC Riverside
Ashton Albion1v5Lincoln
Hendon United2v2Barton
The Savoy3v0Polbathic Athletic
Ingatestone0v3Salisbury Wanderers
Sheriff Hutton3v0Westbury Town
Bamber Bridge0v2Aston United
AFC Riverside2v1Cross Gates
Lincoln6v3Riding Mill
Barton5v3Billingham Town
Polbathic Athletic1v0Ashton Albion
Salisbury Wanderers3v4Hendon United
Westbury Town2v3The Savoy
Aston United1v2Ingatestone
Sheriff Hutton2v1Bamber Bridge
AFC Riverside2v6Lincoln
Cross Gates2v5Barton
Riding Mill3v1Polbathic Athletic
Billingham Town4v0Salisbury Wanderers
Ashton Albion1v0Westbury Town
Hendon United4v4Aston United
The Savoy4v3Sheriff Hutton
Bamber Bridge2v2Ingatestone
Polbathic Athletic0v3AFC Riverside
Salisbury Wanderers2v3Cross Gates
Westbury Town1v0Riding Mill
Aston United4v0Billingham Town
Sheriff Hutton1v2Ashton Albion
Ingatestone3v0Hendon United
The Savoy0v3Bamber Bridge
Barton0v1Polbathic Athletic
Lincoln1v3Salisbury Wanderers
AFC Riverside4v0Westbury Town
Cross Gates3v3Aston United
Riding Mill4v0Sheriff Hutton
Billingham Town3v2Ingatestone
Ashton Albion5v1The Savoy
Bamber Bridge3v3Hendon United
Salisbury Wanderers2v1Polbathic Athletic
Westbury Town3v4Barton
Aston United2v4Lincoln
Sheriff Hutton0v1AFC Riverside
Ingatestone6v3Cross Gates
The Savoy1v1Riding Mill
Hendon United1v1Billingham Town
Ashton Albion4v4Bamber Bridge
AFC Riverside1v0The Savoy
Salisbury Wanderers1v2Westbury Town
Polbathic Athletic4v3Aston United
Barton4v0Sheriff Hutton
Cross Gates4v0Hendon United
Riding Mill4v0Ashton Albion
Bamber Bridge1v3Billingham Town
Aston United0v1Westbury Town
Sheriff Hutton0v2Salisbury Wanderers
Ingatestone0v0Polbathic Athletic
The Savoy3v1Barton
Hendon United2v5Lincoln
Ashton Albion3v0AFC Riverside
Billingham Town3v2Cross Gates
Riding Mill0v8Bamber Bridge
Aston United4v2Sheriff Hutton
Westbury Town1v1Ingatestone
Salisbury Wanderers3v2The Savoy
Polbathic Athletic2v2Hendon United
Barton1v3Ashton Albion
Lincoln2v2Billingham Town
AFC Riverside4v4Riding Mill
Bamber Bridge3v1Cross Gates
Ingatestone2v0Sheriff Hutton
The Savoy1v3Aston United
Hendon United4v2Westbury Town
Ashton Albion2v2Salisbury Wanderers
Billingham Town2v2Polbathic Athletic
Riding Mill0v0Barton
Cross Gates1v0Lincoln
AFC Riverside3v0Bamber Bridge
Ingatestone3v5The Savoy
Sheriff Hutton0v4Hendon United
Aston United3v2Ashton Albion
Westbury Town2v0Billingham Town
Salisbury Wanderers1v0Riding Mill
Polbathic Athletic3v0Cross Gates
Barton1v2AFC Riverside
Bamber Bridge4v0Lincoln
Hendon United1v4The Savoy
Ashton Albion0v2Ingatestone
Billingham Town2v2Sheriff Hutton
Riding Mill0v2Aston United
Cross Gates0v0Westbury Town
AFC Riverside1v3Salisbury Wanderers
Lincoln7v2Polbathic Athletic
Barton3v2Bamber Bridge
Hendon United1v0Ashton Albion
The Savoy4v4Billingham Town
Ingatestone0v0Riding Mill
Sheriff Hutton1v0Cross Gates
Aston United5v5AFC Riverside
Westbury Town2v2Lincoln
Salisbury Wanderers2v0Barton
Bamber Bridge2v4Polbathic Athletic
Billingham Town4v2Ashton Albion
Riding Mill1v4Hendon United
Cross Gates2v0The Savoy
AFC Riverside2v1Ingatestone
Lincoln0v4Sheriff Hutton
Barton2v0Aston United
Polbathic Athletic1v0Westbury Town
Salisbury Wanderers5v2Bamber Bridge
Billingham Town4v4Riding Mill
Ashton Albion3v1Cross Gates
Hendon United0v1AFC Riverside
The Savoy4v0Lincoln
Sheriff Hutton1v0Polbathic Athletic
Aston United0v0Salisbury Wanderers
Bamber Bridge3v4Westbury Town
Cross Gates3v3Riding Mill
AFC Riverside4v3Billingham Town
Lincoln1v4Ashton Albion
Barton0v0Hendon United
Polbathic Athletic1v3The Savoy
Salisbury Wanderers1v3Ingatestone
Westbury Town2v4Sheriff Hutton
Aston United1v6Bamber Bridge
Cross Gates2v0AFC Riverside
Riding Mill1v3Lincoln
Billingham Town2v1Barton
Ashton Albion2v0Polbathic Athletic
Hendon United1v4Salisbury Wanderers
The Savoy2v2Westbury Town
Ingatestone2v4Aston United
Bamber Bridge2v0Sheriff Hutton
Lincoln3v2AFC Riverside
Barton4v1Cross Gates
Polbathic Athletic4v4Riding Mill
Westbury Town2v4Ashton Albion
Salisbury Wanderers0v0Billingham Town
Aston United0v2Hendon United
Sheriff Hutton2v2The Savoy
Ingatestone3v2Bamber Bridge
AFC Riverside3v2Polbathic Athletic
Cross Gates3v0Salisbury Wanderers
Riding Mill3v3Westbury Town
Billingham Town1v0Aston United
Ashton Albion2v3Sheriff Hutton
Hendon United3v3Ingatestone
Bamber Bridge3v2The Savoy

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