2015 All Africa Games

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Monday Merotohun 870122111121
2Bode Abiodun 860220101018
3Kazeem Nasiru86022011918
4Jide Omotayo85031914515
5Bode Kayode 85031715215
6Adeyinka hamed 83051221-99
7Idowu Onifade82061221-96
8Jide Ogidiolu81071523-83
9Ajulo olugbenga 81071021-113

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Kazeem Nasiru3v1Jide Ogidiolu
Jide Omotayo0v3Bode Kayode
Monday Merotohun 3v0Idowu Onifade
Idowu Onifade2v3Adeyinka hamed
Kazeem Nasiru3v2Jide Omotayo
Bode Abiodun 3v0Ajulo olugbenga
Monday Merotohun 3v1Jide Ogidiolu
Bode Abiodun 3v0Adeyinka hamed
Monday Merotohun 3v2Jide Omotayo
Ajulo olugbenga 2v3Bode Kayode
Adeyinka hamed 3v2Kazeem Nasiru
Bode Abiodun 3v2Jide Ogidiolu
Jide Omotayo3v0Ajulo olugbenga
Bode Kayode 3v1Idowu Onifade
Jide Ogidiolu2v3Adeyinka hamed
Monday Merotohun 3v0Bode Kayode
Bode Abiodun 3v0Idowu Onifade
Kazeem Nasiru3v0Ajulo olugbenga
Monday Merotohun 3v2Ajulo olugbenga
Bode Kayode 3v1Adeyinka hamed
Jide Omotayo3v2Jide Ogidiolu
Idowu Onifade3v1Ajulo olugbenga
Bode Abiodun 3v0Kazeem Nasiru
Kazeem Nasiru3v1Idowu Onifade
Jide Ogidiolu2v3Idowu Onifade
Monday Merotohun 3v1Adeyinka hamed
Kazeem Nasiru3v0Bode Kayode
Monday Merotohun 3v2Bode Abiodun
Jide Omotayo3v1Adeyinka hamed
Jide Ogidiolu2v3Bode Kayode
Jide Omotayo3v0Bode Abiodun
Ajulo olugbenga 3v0Adeyinka hamed
Jide Ogidiolu3v2Ajulo olugbenga
Jide Omotayo3v2Idowu Onifade
Bode Abiodun 3v2Bode Kayode
Kazeem Nasiru3v1Monday Merotohun

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