2015-16 Social Club Soccer League Divsion Premier

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1FC San Marcos33009369
2Safebreaks A320113856
3Real Imperial31119364
4Arianos FC31113304
5Fellows FC311156-14
6FC Michs31111012-24
7Los 16311168-24
8El Beastos FC30304403
9Los Leones3021310-72
10La Hop300338-50

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Arianos FC2v1La Hop
FC Michs3v3Los Leones
Los 162v7Safebreaks A
Real Imperial1v1El Beastos FC
Fellows FC1v3FC San Marcos
Los Leones0v7Real Imperial
Safebreaks A4v5FC Michs
La Hop1v4Los 16
El Beastos FC2v2Fellows FC
FC San Marcos1v0Arianos FC
Real Imperial1v2Safebreaks A
Los 160v0Los Leones
Fellows FC2v1La Hop
FC Michs2v5FC San Marcos
Arianos FC1v1El Beastos FC

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