2015-16 Friday Lunch Chess League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Gio Avondo86022012820
2Richie Thurlby66001861218
3Todd Riddington64021410414
4John Yu5401137613
5Jacob Cole63031212012
6Michael Robson63031212012
7Nivvie Kajendran5302119211
8William Parvin4301106410
9Abid Ali4301106410
10Dinura Ranmandala4301106410
11Imran Vloemans33009369
12Megan Latham5203911-29
13Olie Durrant6105816-88
14Manas Harish32017527
15Max Tilden4103610-46
16Adam Yuan4103610-46
17Kristian Fraser4103610-46
18Jonathan Entwhistle21014404
19James Johnson21014404
20Daniel Smith4004412-84
21Jaques Mitchell11003123
22Ben Bradley11003123
23Carys Pearson300339-63
24Charlie Watts200226-42
25Joe Reilly200226-42
26Jevon Hannah200226-42
27William Miah100113-21
28Rohan Kachroo100113-21
29Daniel Williams100113-21
30Jack Bree100113-21

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Todd Riddington3v1James Johnson
Megan Latham3v1Todd Riddington
Jacob Cole3v1Kristian Fraser
James Johnson3v1Adam Yuan
John Yu3v1Jonathan Entwhistle
Michael Robson3v1Olie Durrant
Richie Thurlby3v1Abid Ali
Gio Avondo3v1Daniel Smith
Olie Durrant3v1Daniel Smith
Gio Avondo3v1Charlie Watts
Gio Avondo3v1Jacob Cole
Abid Ali3v1Megan Latham
Adam Yuan3v1Max Tilden
Dinura Ranmandala3v1William Parvin
Gio Avondo3v1Jack Bree
Jacob Cole3v1Kristian Fraser
Richie Thurlby3v1Todd Riddington
Manas Harish3v1Rohan Kachroo
Jacob Cole3v1Daniel Williams
William Parvin3v1Max Tilden
Dinura Ranmandala3v1Adam Yuan
Todd Riddington3v1Daniel Smith
Nivvie Kajendran3v1Jevon Hannah
Megan Latham3v1Manas Harish
Nivvie Kajendran3v1Michael Robson
Nivvie Kajendran3v1Carys Pearson
Gio Avondo3v1Joe Reilly
John Yu3v1Michael Robson
Richie Thurlby3v1Olie Durrant
Imran Vloemans3v1Jevon Hannah
Jonathan Entwhistle3v1Megan Latham
Jaques Mitchell3v1Charlie Watts
Michael Robson3v1Olie Durrant
Dinura Ranmandala3v1Carys Pearson
Max Tilden3v1Jacob Cole
Richie Thurlby3v1John Yu
Todd Riddington3v1Gio Avondo
William Parvin3v1Kristian Fraser
Imran Vloemans3v1Nivvie Kajendran
John Yu3v1Olie Durrant
William Parvin3v1Jacob Cole
Manas Harish3v1Adam Yuan
Kristian Fraser3v1Max Tilden
Todd Riddington3v1Olie Durrant
Abid Ali3v1Gio Avondo
Michael Robson3v1Dinura Ranmandala
Richie Thurlby3v1Daniel Smith
John Yu3v1Megan Latham
Imran Vloemans3v1William Miah
Abid Ali3v1Carys Pearson
Gio Avondo3v1Nivvie Kajendran
Richie Thurlby3v1Michael Robson
Ben Bradley3v1Joe Reilly

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