2014 NEPAL 2001 BOYS

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1NY Red Bulls3300201199
3BW Gottschee430111749
4Cedar Stars220011386
5Cont. FC Delco22006066
6FC Bolt Celtic411237-44
7SA of Columbia21016333
8Everton FC21015503
9Albertson SC210123-13
10DC United310249-53
11Oakwood SC3102413-93
14Met Oval200225-30
16PA Classics300339-60
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Cont. FC Delco2v0FC Bolt Celtic
PA Classics3v4Everton FC
DC United3v0Albertson SC
Bethesda4v2BW Gottschee
NYSC1v10NY Red Bulls
Bethesda6v0Oakwood SC
DC United1v3BW Gottschee
Bethesda1v5Cedar Stars
Seacoast1v1FC Bolt Celtic
PA Classics0v4Cont. FC Delco
NY Red Bulls4v0NJCSA
Oakwood SC2v1Everton FC
BW Gottschee3v2SA of Columbia
NYSC3v2Met Oval
Met Oval0v2Albertson SC
FC Bolt Celtic1v4Bethesda
Oakwood SC2v6Cedar Stars
SA of Columbia4v0NYSC
FC Bolt Celtic1v0PA Classics
BW Gottschee3v0Seacoast
NY Red Bulls6v0DC United

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