2014 Masters Games Women's

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Mad b!@&#'s10100031213118140
2That's What She Sets!107032441677728
3Sun Spikers105052171645320
4Sexy Beaches10505221227-620
5Beach Bums10307174205-3112
6Baywatch Babes100010123397-2740
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Sun Spikers37v14Baywatch Babes
Baywatch Babes20v26Beach Bums
Sun Spikers14v17Sexy Beaches
Mad b!@&#'s24v17That's What She Sets!
Mad b!@&#'s36v12Baywatch Babes
Beach Bums12v21Sun Spikers
Sexy Beaches9v49Mad b!@&#'s
That's What She Sets!23v7Beach Bums
That's What She Sets!39v11Sexy Beaches
Sexy Beaches15v25Beach Bums
Baywatch Babes12v40That's What She Sets!
Sexy Beaches46v17Baywatch Babes
Mad b!@&#'s21v15Sun Spikers
That's What She Sets!16v21Sun Spikers
Beach Bums10v28Mad b!@&#'s
Mad b!@&#'s26v12Sun Spikers
That's What She Sets!20v16Sun Spikers
Beach Bums13v24Mad b!@&#'s
Baywatch Babes12v38That's What She Sets!
Sexy Beaches23v9Beach Bums
Baywatch Babes14v43Sexy Beaches
Sun Spikers17v20Sexy Beaches
Beach Bums43v10Baywatch Babes
Sexy Beaches22v23Mad b!@&#'s
Baywatch Babes8v47Mad b!@&#'s
That's What She Sets!20v15Sexy Beaches
Sun Spikers41v4Baywatch Babes
Beach Bums15v18That's What She Sets!
Beach Bums14v23Sun Spikers
Mad b!@&#'s34v13That's What She Sets!

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