2014 Masters Games Men's

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Sand Hogs98012299713232
2Joondalup 980121810511332
3Good Sesh97021881335528
4Fa Carp95041871285920
5The Saints9504150195-4520
6Crazy Beaches9306147170-2312
8Rule # 19306145185-4012
9Dreamin 9306146187-4112
10Run A Muk9009105288-1830

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Dreamin 21v11Fa Carp
Crazy Beaches28v12Run A Muk
Wallabies10v16The Saints
Joondalup 17v10Fa Carp
Crazy Beaches13v9Good Sesh
Sand Hogs16v12Joondalup
The Saints19v16Crazy Beaches
The Saints11v25Sand Hogs
Joondalup 24v14Good Sesh
Sand Hogs21v10Rule # 1
Rule # 110v26Good Sesh
Rule # 126v14Dreamin
Run A Muk2v41Fa Carp
Run A Muk11v23Wallabies
Wallabies9v14Crazy Beaches
Wallabies7v22Sand Hogs
Crazy Beaches12v17Fa Carp
Wallabies12v21Good Sesh
Dreamin 8v21Joondalup
Crazy Beaches17v22Joondalup
Sand Hogs28v10Dreamin
Dreamin 14v25The Saints
Run A Muk5v45Sand Hogs
The Saints23v19Rule # 1
Fa Carp22v16Rule # 1
Run A Muk17v21The Saints
Good Sesh18v17Fa Carp
Good Sesh35v17Run A Muk
Joondalup 32v7Rule # 1
Rule # 120v17Crazy Beaches
Crazy Beaches13v26Dreamin
Run A Muk19v27Dreamin
Good Sesh24v15Dreamin
Joondalup 40v8Run A Muk
The Saints12v26Good Sesh
The Saints14v33Joondalup
Rule # 128v14Run A Muk
Sand Hogs13v15Good Sesh
Fa Carp35v9The Saints
Sand Hogs36v17Crazy Beaches
Wallabies16v9Rule # 1
Fa Carp10v23Sand Hogs
Fa Carp24v10Wallabies

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