Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Manchester City 382666102406284
2Liverpool 382666101495284
4Manchester United 38237885434276
5Arsenal 38227958411773
7Tottenham Hotspur 38215125553268
8Southampton 381511125446856
10Newcastle United 38145194360-1747
11Crystal Palace38136193348-1545
12Swansea City38119185454042
13West ham 38117204051-1140
14Sunderland 38108204161-2038
15Aston Villa38108203961-2238
16Hull City 38107213853-1537
17West brom38615174362-1933
18Norwich 3889212862-3433
19Cardiff City3888223476-4232

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Southampton 1v1Manchester United
Liverpool 2v1Newcastle United
Manchester City 2v0West ham
Fulham2v2Crystal Palace
Norwich 0v2Arsenal
Hull City 0v2Everton
West brom1v2Stoke
Cardiff City1v2Chelsea
Sunderland 1v3Swansea City
Tottenham Hotspur 3v0Aston Villa
Manchester City 4v1Southampton
Sunderland 2v0West brom
Manchester City 4v0Aston Villa
Manchester United 4v1Hull City
Arsenal 1v0West brom
Crystal Palace3v3Liverpool
Everton2v3Manchester City
Swansea City0v1Southampton
Newcastle United 3v0Cardiff City
Manchester United 0v1Sunderland
Aston Villa3v1Hull City
West ham 2v0Tottenham Hotspur
Arsenal 3v0Newcastle United
Manchester United 6v0Norwich
Sunderland 4v0Cardiff City
Swansea City4v1Aston Villa
West brom1v0West ham
Stoke0v1Tottenham Hotspur
Crystal Palace0v2Manchester City
Liverpool 0v2Chelsea
Fulham2v2Hull City
Southampton 2v0Everton
Everton2v0Manchester United
Norwich 2v3Liverpool
Hull City 0v3Arsenal
West ham 0v1Crystal Palace
Aston Villa0v0Southampton
Newcastle United 1v2Swansea City
Cardiff City1v1Stoke
Manchester City 3v1West brom
Tottenham Hotspur 3v1Fulham
Manchester City 2v2Sunderland
Everton2v3Crystal Palace
West brom3v3Tottenham Hotspur
Liverpool 3v2Manchester City
Arsenal 3v1West ham
Swansea City0v1Chelsea
Sunderland 0v1Everton
Southampton 0v1Cardiff City
Stoke1v0Newcastle United
Crystal Palace1v0Aston Villa
Hull City 1v0Swansea City
West ham 1v2Liverpool
Aston Villa1v2Fulham
Cardiff City0v3Crystal Palace
Newcastle United 0v4Manchester United
Norwich 0v1West brom
Tottenham Hotspur 5v1Sunderland
Arsenal 1v1Manchester City
Sunderland 1v2West ham
Stoke1v0Hull City
Crystal Palace1v0Chelsea
West brom3v3Cardiff City
Swansea City3v0Norwich
Liverpool 4v0Tottenham Hotspur
Southampton 4v0Newcastle United
Manchester United 4v1Aston Villa
Liverpool 2v1Sunderland
West ham 2v1Hull City
Manchester United 0v3Manchester City
Newcastle United 0v3Everton
Arsenal 2v2Swansea City
Aston Villa1v4Stoke
Tottenham Hotspur 3v2Southampton
West ham 0v2Manchester United
Norwich 2v0Sunderland
Newcastle United 1v0Crystal Palace
Manchester City 5v0Fulham
Hull City 2v0West brom
Everton3v2Swansea City
Cardiff City3v6Liverpool
Tottenham Hotspur 0v1Arsenal
Stoke3v1West ham
Aston Villa1v0Chelsea
Fulham1v0Newcastle United
Sunderland 0v0Crystal Palace
Everton0v3Cardiff City
Manchester United 0v3Liverpool
Hull City 0v2Manchester City
Swansea City1v2West brom
Southampton 4v2Norwich
Chelsea4v0Tottenham Hotspur
Norwich 1v1Stoke
Crystal Palace0v1Southampton
Cardiff City3v1Fulham
West brom0v3Manchester United
Aston Villa4v1Norwich
Swansea City1v1Crystal Palace
Tottenham Hotspur 1v0Cardiff City
Southampton 0v3Liverpool
Everton1v0West ham
Hull City 1v4Newcastle United
Crystal Palace0v2Manchester United
Cardiff City0v4Hull City
Liverpool 4v3Swansea City
Arsenal 4v1Sunderland
West ham 3v1Southampton
West brom1v1Fulham
Norwich 1v0Tottenham Hotspur
Newcastle United 1v0Aston Villa
Manchester City 1v0Stoke
Stoke1v1Swansea City
West brom1v1Chelsea
Newcastle United 0v4Tottenham Hotspur
Hull City 0v1Southampton
West ham 2v0Norwich
Arsenal 0v0Manchester United
Cardiff City0v0Aston Villa
Norwich 0v0Manchester City
Tottenham Hotspur 1v0Everton
Swansea City3v0Cardiff City
Chelsea3v0Newcastle United
Sunderland 0v2Hull City
Aston Villa0v2West ham
Manchester United 2v2Fulham
Southampton 2v2Stoke
Crystal Palace3v1West brom
Liverpool 5v1Arsenal
Arsenal 2v0Crystal Palace
West ham 2v0Swansea City
Everton2v1Aston Villa
Stoke2v1Manchester United
Cardiff City2v1Norwich
West brom1v1Liverpool
Hull City 1v1Tottenham Hotspur
Manchester City 0v1Chelsea
Newcastle United 0v3Sunderland
Swansea City2v0Fulham
Southampton 2v2Arsenal
Chelsea0v0West ham
Norwich 0v0Newcastle United
Crystal Palace1v0Hull City
Sunderland 1v0Stoke
Tottenham Hotspur 1v5Manchester City
Aston Villa4v3West brom
Liverpool 4v0Everton
Manchester United 4v0Cardiff City
Swansea City1v3Tottenham Hotspur
Chelsea3v1Manchester United
West ham 1v3Newcastle United
West brom1v1Everton
Crystal Palace1v0Stoke
Norwich 1v0Hull City
Arsenal 2v0Fulham
Manchester City 4v2Cardiff City
Liverpool 2v2Aston Villa
Sunderland 2v2Southampton
Newcastle United 0v2Manchester City
Cardiff City0v2West ham
Hull City 0v2Chelsea
Manchester United 2v0Swansea City
Tottenham Hotspur 2v0Crystal Palace
Southampton 1v0West brom
Aston Villa1v2Arsenal
Fulham2v1West ham
Liverpool 2v0Hull City
Arsenal 2v0Cardiff City
West brom1v0Newcastle United
Manchester United 1v2Tottenham Hotspur
Crystal Palace1v1Norwich
Sunderland 0v1Aston Villa
Southampton 0v3Chelsea
Swansea City2v3Manchester City
Hull City 6v0Fulham
Cardiff City2v2Sunderland
Newcastle United 0v1Arsenal
Norwich 0v1Manchester United
Aston Villa1v1Swansea City
Manchester City 1v0Crystal Palace
Tottenham Hotspur 3v0Stoke
West ham 3v3West brom
Norwich 1v2Fulham
Newcastle United 5v1Stoke
Chelsea1v0Swansea City
Manchester City 2v1Liverpool
West ham 1v3Arsenal
Tottenham Hotspur 1v1West brom
Cardiff City0v3Southampton
Aston Villa0v1Crystal Palace
Hull City 2v3Manchester United
West brom1v1Hull City
Swansea City1v2Everton
Manchester United 3v1West ham
Liverpool 3v1Cardiff City
Stoke2v1Aston Villa
Fulham2v4Manchester City
Southampton 2v3Tottenham Hotspur
Crystal Palace0v3Newcastle United
Arsenal 0v0Chelsea
Sunderland 0v0Norwich
Cardiff City1v0West brom
Chelsea2v1Crystal Palace
Norwich 1v1Swansea City
Newcastle United 1v1Southampton
Hull City 0v0Stoke
West ham 0v0Sunderland
Tottenham Hotspur 0v5Liverpool
Aston Villa0v3Manchester United
Manchester City 6v3Arsenal
Southampton 1v1Manchester City
Fulham2v0Aston Villa
Sunderland 1v2Tottenham Hotspur
West brom0v2Norwich
Swansea City1v1Hull City
Arsenal 0v1Everton
Liverpool 4v1West ham
Crystal Palace2v0Cardiff City
Manchester United 1v1Newcastle United
West brom2v3Manchester City
Fulham1v2Tottenham Hotspur
Swansea City3v0Newcastle United
Sunderland 3v4Chelsea
Stoke0v0Cardiff City
Southampton 2v3Aston Villa
Manchester United 1v1Everton
Liverpool 5v1Norwich
Arsenal 1v0Hull City
Crystal Palace1v0West ham
Manchester City 3v0Swansea City
Hull City 3v1Liverpool
Tottenham Hotspur 2v4Manchester United
Newcastle United 2v1West brom
West ham 3v0Fulham
Norwich 1v0Crystal Palace
Cardiff City0v3Arsenal
Aston Villa0v0Sunderland
West brom2v2Aston Villa
Manchester City 6v0Tottenham Hotspur
Cardiff City2v4Manchester United
West ham 0v3Chelsea
Newcastle United 2v1Norwich
Hull City 0v1Crystal Palace
Fulham1v2Swansea City
Arsenal 0v0Southampton
Norwich 0v1Aston Villa
West brom2v0Crystal Palace
Manchester City 7v0Norwich
Manchester United 1v0Arsenal
Sunderland 1v0Manchester City
Swansea City3v3Stoke
Tottenham Hotspur 0v1Newcastle United
Norwich 3v1West ham
Southampton 4v1Hull City
Chelsea2v2West brom
Liverpool 4v0Fulham
Crystal Palace0v0Everton
Aston Villa2v0Cardiff City
West ham 0v0Aston Villa
Everton0v0Tottenham Hotspur
Cardiff City1v0Swansea City
Arsenal 1v0Liverpool
Hull City 1v0Sunderland
Fulham1v4Manchester United
Newcastle United 2v0Chelsea
Tottenham Hotspur 1v0Hull City
Swansea City0v0West ham
Southampton 2v0Fulham
Norwich 0v0Cardiff City
Chelsea2v1Manchester City
Sunderland 2v1Newcastle United
Liverpool 4v1West brom
Manchester United 3v2Stoke
Aston Villa0v2Everton
Crystal Palace0v2Arsenal
Crystal Palace1v4Fulham
West ham 1v3Manchester City
Aston Villa0v2Tottenham Hotspur
Swansea City4v0Sunderland
Stoke0v0West brom
Manchester United 3v1Southampton
Everton2v1Hull City
Chelsea4v1Cardiff City
Arsenal 2v1Norwich
Newcastle United 2v2Liverpool
West brom1v1Arsenal
Tottenham Hotspur 0v3West ham
Southampton 2v0Swansea City
Norwich 1v3Chelsea
Sunderland 1v3Manchester United
Liverpool 3v1Crystal Palace
Hull City 0v0Aston Villa
Cardiff City1v2Newcastle United
Manchester City 3v1Everton
Manchester United 4v2West brom
Arsenal 0v1Stoke
Everton3v2Newcastle United
Sunderland 1v3Liverpool
Swansea City1v2Arsenal
Southampton 2v0Crystal Palace
Hull City 1v0West ham
Fulham1v2Cardiff City
Aston Villa3v2Manchester City
Tottenham Hotspur 1v1Chelsea
Cardiff City0v1Tottenham Hotspur
Crystal Palace0v2Swansea City
Manchester City 4v4Manchester United
West brom3v0Sunderland
West ham 2v3Everton
Newcastle United 2v3Hull City
Liverpool 0v1Southampton
Swansea City2v2Liverpool
Southampton 0v0West ham
Tottenham Hotspur 2v0Norwich
Sunderland 1v3Arsenal
Stoke0v0Manchester City
Hull City 1v1Cardiff City
Fulham1v1West brom
Aston Villa1v2Newcastle United
Manchester United 2v0Crystal Palace
Manchester City 4v0Newcastle United
Newcastle United 0v0West ham
Newcastle United 1v0Fulham
Arsenal 1v0Tottenham Hotspur
West brom0v2Swansea City
Liverpool 1v0Manchester United
Crystal Palace3v1Sunderland
Norwich 1v0Southampton
West ham 0v1Stoke
Cardiff City0v0Everton
Manchester City 2v0Hull City
Manchester United 0v0Chelsea
Tottenham Hotspur 1v0Swansea City
Cardiff City3v2Manchester City
Aston Villa0v1Liverpool
Stoke2v1Crystal Palace
Southampton 1v1Sunderland
Hull City 1v0Norwich
Everton0v0West brom
Chelsea2v1Aston Villa
Chelsea2v0Hull City
Crystal Palace0v1Tottenham Hotspur
Swansea City1v4Manchester United
West ham 2v0Cardiff City
West brom0v1Southampton
Sunderland 0v1Fulham
Norwich 2v2Everton
Arsenal 1v3Aston Villa
Liverpool 1v0Stoke

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