1T Bundesliga

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1FC Pati aggresivos76102391419
2FC Leo76012112918
3FC Walle75022015515
4FC Ely74121311213
5FC Adnan73222118311
6Alina SC73222017311
7Jil United71331718-16
8FC Ekrem71151117-64
9Spvgg Geisler71061225-133
10SC David70071026-160

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Alina SC1v2FC Walle
SC David0v1FC Ely
Jil United2v0FC Ekrem
Spvgg Geisler2v3FC Pati aggresivos
FC Leo2v1FC Adnan
FC Ekrem2v2Alina SC
FC Pati aggresivos3v3Jil United
FC Ely3v1Spvgg Geisler
FC Walle3v5FC Leo
FC Adnan3v2SC David
FC Leo3v2Jil United
FC Leo3v0Alina SC
FC Pati aggresivos5v0SC David
FC Ekrem4v0Spvgg Geisler
FC Ely4v4FC Adnan
Jil United1v2FC Walle
FC Pati aggresivos4v2FC Adnan
Spvgg Geisler4v2SC David
Alina SC4v2FC Ekrem
FC Walle1v2FC Ely
Alina SC4v2SC David
FC Walle4v3Spvgg Geisler
FC Adnan3v3Jil United
FC Pati aggresivos4v1FC Ekrem
FC Ely2v3FC Leo
Jil United2v3FC Walle
SC David3v4FC Adnan
Spvgg Geisler2v5Alina SC
FC Pati aggresivos2v1FC Leo
FC Ekrem0v1FC Ely
Alina SC4v4Jil United
FC Adnan4v0Spvgg Geisler
FC Walle5v1SC David
FC Leo4v2FC Ekrem
FC Ely0v2FC Pati aggresivos

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