1T 2.Liga

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1FC Hard working busines Club96213022820
2DC July United95313526918
3Schalke 0096032621518
4AC Lisa95312419518
5Bedo boys Matze93423129213
61.FC Theresa93152624210
7FC Schwulian93152222010
81.FC Schistl93151422-810
92. FC Fabian homos91261623-75
10Elisa FC91171834-164
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FC Schwulian1v2Schalke 00
FC Hard working busines Club1v2Schalke 00
FC Hard working busines Club1v0FC Schwulian
Elisa FC1v3Schalke 00
Elisa FC1v5FC Schwulian
Elisa FC4v5FC Hard working busines Club
DC July United4v5Schalke 00
DC July United4v2FC Schwulian
DC July United4v4FC Hard working busines Club
DC July United4v0Elisa FC
Bedo boys Matze4v6Schalke 00
Bedo boys Matze4v4FC Schwulian
Bedo boys Matze4v4FC Hard working busines Club
Bedo boys Matze4v2Elisa FC
Bedo boys Matze4v4DC July United
AC Lisa4v3Schalke 00
AC Lisa4v3FC Schwulian
AC Lisa2v3FC Hard working busines Club
AC Lisa2v2Elisa FC
AC Lisa2v2DC July United
AC Lisa2v1Bedo boys Matze
2. FC Fabian homos2v1Schalke 00
2. FC Fabian homos2v3FC Schwulian
2. FC Fabian homos2v3FC Hard working busines Club
2. FC Fabian homos2v3Elisa FC
2. FC Fabian homos2v4DC July United
2. FC Fabian homos2v4Bedo boys Matze
2. FC Fabian homos2v2AC Lisa
1.FC Theresa4v2Schalke 00
1.FC Theresa4v2FC Schwulian
1.FC Theresa4v5FC Hard working busines Club
1.FC Theresa4v1Elisa FC
1.FC Theresa4v5DC July United
1.FC Theresa2v3Bedo boys Matze
1.FC Theresa2v3AC Lisa
1.FC Theresa2v22. FC Fabian homos
1.FC Schistl0v2Schalke 00
1.FC Schistl0v2FC Schwulian
1.FC Schistl0v4FC Hard working busines Club
1.FC Schistl5v4Elisa FC
1.FC Schistl3v4DC July United
1.FC Schistl3v3Bedo boys Matze
1.FC Schistl1v3AC Lisa
1.FC Schistl1v02. FC Fabian homos
1.FC Schistl1v01.FC Theresa

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