1st Division Valley League 2014-2015

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Stonebrook Cosmos1292144251927
2Brazil D.C1284042231926
3Lindsay Fire1273238241421
4Orosi Liverpool F.C126424137418
7Los Angeles De Hanford 124533634212
8Los Guererros124263640-412
10Visalia Rapids103432123-211
11Hidalgo Tuzos103342629-310
12Woodlake Flash4202121026
13Thunder Tigers6222131306
15Inter Jalisco90271024-142
16Dinuba Aztecas110382339-160
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Woodlake Flash3v4Brazil D.C
Correcaminos3v4Hidalgo Tuzos
Correcaminos3v4Woodlake Flash
Thunder Tigers3v0Visalia Rapids
Visalia Rapids0v0Inter Jalisco
Hidalgo Tuzos0v0Visalia Rapids
Visalia Rapids5v5Dinuba Aztecas
Correcaminos4v7Visalia Rapids
Visalia Rapids4v1Los Guererros
Los Guererros4v1Inter Jalisco
Dinuba Aztecas2v5Los Guererros
Los Guererros3v1Correcaminos
U.R.R.S1v1Los Guererros
U.R.R.S1v1Visalia Rapids
Thunder Tigers1v1U.R.R.S
Inter Jalisco0v0U.R.R.S
U.R.R.S4v5Hidalgo Tuzos
Dinuba Aztecas4v7U.R.R.S
Visalia Rapids4v3Los Angeles De Hanford
Los Angeles De Hanford 2v2U.R.R.S
Thunder Tigers2v2Los Angeles De Hanford
Los Angeles De Hanford 2v1Los Guererros
Dinuba Aztecas2v2Los Angeles De Hanford
Los Angeles De Hanford 3v2Correcaminos
Lindsay Fire3v2U.R.R.S
Thunder Tigers2v4Cariocas
Cariocas4v1Los Guererros
Los Angeles De Hanford 4v1Cariocas
Cariocas4v2Inter Jalisco
Hidalgo Tuzos4v4Cariocas
Cariocas4v1Dinuba Aztecas
U.C.Y.C5v5Los Guererros
Los Angeles De Hanford 5v2U.C.Y.C
U.C.Y.C5v2Inter Jalisco
Hidalgo Tuzos1v3U.C.Y.C
U.C.Y.C4v3Dinuba Aztecas
Orosi Liverpool F.C5v3U.C.Y.C
Los Angeles De Hanford 3v3Orosi Liverpool F.C
Orosi Liverpool F.C3v2Inter Jalisco
Hidalgo Tuzos4v5Orosi Liverpool F.C
Orosi Liverpool F.C4v3Dinuba Aztecas
Correcaminos2v3Orosi Liverpool F.C
Orosi Liverpool F.C3v3Cariocas
Lindsay Fire3v3U.C.Y.C
Thunder Tigers4v1Orosi Liverpool F.C
Lindsay Fire4v2Orosi Liverpool F.C
Los Guererros4v2Lindsay Fire
Lindsay Fire4v2Los Angeles De Hanford
Hidalgo Tuzos2v2Lindsay Fire
Lindsay Fire2v2Dinuba Aztecas
Dinuba Aztecas1v2Lindsay Fire
Correcaminos0v6Lindsay Fire
Cariocas0v4Lindsay Fire
U.R.R.S0v0Brazil D.C
Brazil D.C0v0U.C.Y.C
Brazil D.C2v2Orosi Liverpool F.C
Los Guererros5v7Brazil D.C
Brazil D.C7v4Los Angeles De Hanford
Lindsay Fire2v4Brazil D.C
Brazil D.C2v0Inter Jalisco
Hidalgo Tuzos3v5Brazil D.C
Brazil D.C3v0Dinuba Aztecas
Correcaminos3v3Brazil D.C
Orosi Liverpool F.C3v3Stonebrook Cosmos
Stonebrook Cosmos3v1Inter Jalisco
Lindsay Fire4v2Stonebrook Cosmos
Stonebrook Cosmos4v4Los Angeles De Hanford
Los Guererros2v4Stonebrook Cosmos
Stonebrook Cosmos7v2U.R.R.S
Cariocas3v5Stonebrook Cosmos
Stonebrook Cosmos1v0Hidalgo Tuzos
Woodlake Flash2v3Stonebrook Cosmos
Stonebrook Cosmos4v3U.C.Y.C
Visalia Rapids0v3Stonebrook Cosmos
Brazil D.C5v1Cariocas
Correcaminos1v0Dinuba Aztecas
Hidalgo Tuzos3v2Inter Jalisco
Orosi Liverpool F.C7v4Los Guererros
Stonebrook Cosmos5v1Thunder Tigers
Woodlake Flash3v0Visalia Rapids

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