1st Div. 16-17

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Detroit Destroyers382310567313679
2Dallas Bulldogs38229773353875
3Pirates F.C.382013562293373
4Boston Strikers38219867392872
5Sacramento F.C.381811969323765
6Portland Overloads3816121048381060
7Tulsa Indians39168155356-356
8Rebels F.C.38158155962-353
9Wolves F.C.391410155256-452
10Puma F.C.38156175350351
11Nashville United381311144854-650
12Denver Tigers381310155463-949
13Jefferson City C.F.38139165352148
14Chattanooga Tornadoes38138175352147
15Jacksonville Rangers381012164259-1742
16Miami Hawks38118194262-2041
17Manchester Rage38910194261-1937
18F.C. Angels38811193764-2735
19Madison Athletic3889213979-4033
20Pittsburgh Power3878233473-3929
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Rebels F.C.4v3Puma F.C.
Portland Overloads0v0Pirates F.C.
Tulsa Indians1v0Miami Hawks
Manchester Rage1v1Sacramento F.C.
Wolves F.C.4v1Jefferson City C.F.
Detroit Destroyers1v0Jacksonville Rangers
Denver Tigers0v2Nashville United
Dallas Bulldogs1v0Madison Athletic
Pittsburgh Power1v0Chattanooga Tornadoes
Boston Strikers3v0F.C. Angels
Tulsa Indians1v1Wolves F.C.
Jefferson City C.F.1v2Boston Strikers
Jacksonville Rangers1v1Tulsa Indians
Sacramento F.C.2v0Pittsburgh Power
Pirates F.C.3v3Dallas Bulldogs
Madison Athletic0v0Portland Overloads
Chattanooga Tornadoes2v4Rebels F.C.
Puma F.C.0v1Denver Tigers
Nashville United2v2Detroit Destroyers
Miami Hawks0v2Manchester Rage
F.C. Angels0v3Wolves F.C.
Portland Overloads3v2Puma F.C.
F.C. Angels4v2Madison Athletic
Rebels F.C.1v2Sacramento F.C.
Denver Tigers0v2Jacksonville Rangers
Boston Strikers2v2Nashville United
Detroit Destroyers1v1Miami Hawks
Dallas Bulldogs3v0Jefferson City C.F.
Wolves F.C.0v1Pirates F.C.
Pittsburgh Power1v3Tulsa Indians
Manchester Rage0v0Chattanooga Tornadoes
Puma F.C.1v0Wolves F.C.
Nashville United0v0Portland Overloads
Pirates F.C.4v0Madison Athletic
Chattanooga Tornadoes0v1Dallas Bulldogs
Jefferson City C.F.1v1F.C. Angels
Tulsa Indians2v1Manchester Rage
Jacksonville Rangers1v4Rebels F.C.
Miami Hawks3v0Denver Tigers
Pittsburgh Power2v2Detroit Destroyers
Sacramento F.C.1v1Boston Strikers
F.C. Angels0v3Puma F.C.
Madison Athletic3v3Jefferson City C.F.
Portland Overloads2v1Sacramento F.C.
Denver Tigers1v1Pirates F.C.
Boston Strikers1v0Chattanooga Tornadoes
Detroit Destroyers0v0Tulsa Indians
Dallas Bulldogs6v0Miami Hawks
Wolves F.C.2v0Nashville United
Rebels F.C.2v2Pittsburgh Power
Manchester Rage5v0Jacksonville Rangers
Sacramento F.C.1v3Dallas Bulldogs
Pirates F.C.1v0Jefferson City C.F.
Puma F.C.3v0Madison Athletic
Tulsa Indians2v3Rebels F.C.
Jacksonville Rangers1v1Boston Strikers
Chattanooga Tornadoes2v2Wolves F.C.
Nashville United2v1F.C. Angels
Detroit Destroyers2v0Manchester Rage
Pittsburgh Power0v0Denver Tigers
Miami Hawks0v1Portland Overloads
Manchester Rage1v1Pittsburgh Power
Portland Overloads1v0Tulsa Indians
Madison Athletic1v0Jacksonville Rangers
F.C. Angels0v1Pirates F.C.
Denver Tigers3v2Chattanooga Tornadoes
Boston Strikers2v2Miami Hawks
Dallas Bulldogs0v2Nashville United
Rebels F.C.0v3Detroit Destroyers
Jefferson City C.F.1v3Puma F.C.
Wolves F.C.0v0Sacramento F.C.
Manchester Rage0v2Rebels F.C.
Chattanooga Tornadoes0v2Portland Overloads
Sacramento F.C.4v0F.C. Angels
Detroit Destroyers5v2Denver Tigers
Tulsa Indians1v2Madison Athletic
Jacksonville Rangers1v0Dallas Bulldogs
Nashville United0v0Jefferson City C.F.
Miami Hawks2v0Wolves F.C.
Pirates F.C.3v2Puma F.C.
Pittsburgh Power0v1Boston Strikers
Portland Overloads2v0Jacksonville Rangers
Denver Tigers1v1Manchester Rage
Madison Athletic4v1Pittsburgh Power
Boston Strikers1v0Rebels F.C.
Dallas Bulldogs2v2Tulsa Indians
F.C. Angels0v0Chattanooga Tornadoes
Pirates F.C.1v0Nashville United
Wolves F.C.3v2Detroit Destroyers
Jefferson City C.F.0v2Sacramento F.C.
Puma F.C.1v0Miami Hawks
Sacramento F.C.1v0Puma F.C.
Tulsa Indians0v3Boston Strikers
Nashville United2v2Madison Athletic
Chattanooga Tornadoes0v2Pirates F.C.
Jacksonville Rangers0v0Wolves F.C.
Miami Hawks0v1Jefferson City C.F.
Rebels F.C.0v1Denver Tigers
Manchester Rage4v1F.C. Angels
Detroit Destroyers3v0Portland Overloads
Pittsburgh Power2v1Dallas Bulldogs
Portland Overloads3v0Pittsburgh Power
Boston Strikers3v0Detroit Destroyers
Madison Athletic1v2Miami Hawks
Dallas Bulldogs0v0Rebels F.C.
F.C. Angels0v1Jacksonville Rangers
Denver Tigers3v4Tulsa Indians
Wolves F.C.3v1Manchester Rage
Jefferson City C.F.0v2Chattanooga Tornadoes
Puma F.C.0v1Nashville United
Pirates F.C.1v1Sacramento F.C.
Manchester Rage1v1Boston Strikers
Pittsburgh Power3v1Jefferson City C.F.
Denver Tigers3v3Portland Overloads
Detroit Destroyers0v1Dallas Bulldogs
Rebels F.C.2v2Wolves F.C.
Tulsa Indians2v0F.C. Angels
Jacksonville Rangers1v2Nashville United
Sacramento F.C.7v0Madison Athletic
Chattanooga Tornadoes3v2Puma F.C.
Miami Hawks0v0Pirates F.C.
Puma F.C.4v0Pittsburgh Power
Boston Strikers0v2Denver Tigers
Portland Overloads3v2Rebels F.C.
Nashville United2v1Sacramento F.C.
Dallas Bulldogs1v0Manchester Rage
F.C. Angels2v2Miami Hawks
Wolves F.C.2v4Tulsa Indians
Jefferson City C.F.2v3Detroit Destroyers
Pirates F.C.3v1Jacksonville Rangers
Madison Athletic0v0Chattanooga Tornadoes
Jacksonville Rangers0v2Puma F.C.
Chattanooga Tornadoes2v3Sacramento F.C.
Boston Strikers2v0Portland Overloads
Detroit Destroyers4v1Madison Athletic
Denver Tigers1v1Dallas Bulldogs
Tulsa Indians4v2Jefferson City C.F.
Rebels F.C.2v1F.C. Angels
Miami Hawks3v2Nashville United
Pittsburgh Power0v0Wolves F.C.
Manchester Rage0v3Pirates F.C.
Portland Overloads1v3Manchester Rage
Pirates F.C.0v0Tulsa Indians
F.C. Angels5v0Pittsburgh Power
Dallas Bulldogs2v3Boston Strikers
Madison Athletic1v1Rebels F.C.
Nashville United2v0Chattanooga Tornadoes
Wolves F.C.0v1Denver Tigers
Jefferson City C.F.0v2Jacksonville Rangers
Sacramento F.C.5v1Miami Hawks
Puma F.C.2v2Detroit Destroyers
Pittsburgh Power3v0Nashville United
Miami Hawks1v2Chattanooga Tornadoes
Dallas Bulldogs2v0Portland Overloads
Jacksonville Rangers2v2Sacramento F.C.
Manchester Rage0v3Jefferson City C.F.
Denver Tigers3v2Madison Athletic
Boston Strikers7v2Wolves F.C.
Detroit Destroyers0v2F.C. Angels
Rebels F.C.1v3Pirates F.C.
Tulsa Indians4v1Puma F.C.
Puma F.C.2v2Manchester Rage
Madison Athletic2v3Boston Strikers
Sacramento F.C.0v1Detroit Destroyers
Jefferson City C.F.1v1Denver Tigers
Nashville United3v1Rebels F.C.
Miami Hawks2v1Jacksonville Rangers
F.C. Angels4v2Dallas Bulldogs
Chattanooga Tornadoes3v2Tulsa Indians
Pirates F.C.2v1Pittsburgh Power
Wolves F.C.0v2Portland Overloads
Boston Strikers2v4Puma F.C.
Manchester Rage0v2Madison Athletic
Detroit Destroyers2v0Pirates F.C.
Rebels F.C.2v1Jefferson City C.F.
Tulsa Indians3v1Nashville United
Dallas Bulldogs4v1Wolves F.C.
Denver Tigers0v1Sacramento F.C.
Pittsburgh Power2v0Miami Hawks
Jacksonville Rangers0v2Chattanooga Tornadoes
Portland Overloads1v1F.C. Angels
Jacksonville Rangers2v0Pittsburgh Power
Madison Athletic1v1Wolves F.C.
Chattanooga Tornadoes0v1Detroit Destroyers
Nashville United2v3Manchester Rage
Miami Hawks0v3Rebels F.C.
F.C. Angels3v3Denver Tigers
Pirates F.C.0v1Boston Strikers
Jefferson City C.F.0v0Portland Overloads
Puma F.C.0v2Dallas Bulldogs
Sacramento F.C.1v1Tulsa Indians
Pittsburgh Power0v4Sacramento F.C.
Tulsa Indians0v2Jacksonville Rangers
Wolves F.C.1v1F.C. Angels
Boston Strikers0v1Jefferson City C.F.
Detroit Destroyers5v0Nashville United
Dallas Bulldogs2v2Pirates F.C.
Portland Overloads1v2Madison Athletic
Rebels F.C.2v4Chattanooga Tornadoes
Manchester Rage0v3Miami Hawks
Denver Tigers2v0Puma F.C.
Puma F.C.1v2Portland Overloads
Sacramento F.C.4v0Rebels F.C.
Nashville United0v0Boston Strikers
Jacksonville Rangers0v3Denver Tigers
Miami Hawks1v1Detroit Destroyers
Chattanooga Tornadoes5v0Manchester Rage
Madison Athletic0v2F.C. Angels
Jefferson City C.F.1v2Dallas Bulldogs
Tulsa Indians2v2Pittsburgh Power
Pirates F.C.0v1Wolves F.C.
Boston Strikers1v0Sacramento F.C.
Detroit Destroyers1v0Pittsburgh Power
Dallas Bulldogs5v1Chattanooga Tornadoes
F.C. Angels1v1Jefferson City C.F.
Denver Tigers1v3Miami Hawks
Portland Overloads3v0Nashville United
Rebels F.C.2v2Jacksonville Rangers
Manchester Rage0v1Tulsa Indians
Wolves F.C.2v0Puma F.C.
Madison Athletic1v1Pirates F.C.
Sacramento F.C.2v1Portland Overloads
Pittsburgh Power0v1Rebels F.C.
Chattanooga Tornadoes1v0Boston Strikers
Nashville United2v2Wolves F.C.
Miami Hawks0v2Dallas Bulldogs
Jacksonville Rangers3v0Manchester Rage
Jefferson City C.F.4v1Madison Athletic
Pirates F.C.2v3Denver Tigers
Puma F.C.0v0F.C. Angels
Tulsa Indians1v3Detroit Destroyers
Rebels F.C.3v0Tulsa Indians
Jefferson City C.F.2v0Pirates F.C.
Denver Tigers5v3Pittsburgh Power
Boston Strikers3v0Jacksonville Rangers
Wolves F.C.2v3Chattanooga Tornadoes
Manchester Rage0v0Detroit Destroyers
F.C. Angels0v1Nashville United
Madison Athletic3v1Puma F.C.
Portland Overloads2v1Miami Hawks
Dallas Bulldogs1v1Sacramento F.C.
Pittsburgh Power1v3Manchester Rage
Tulsa Indians0v2Portland Overloads
Miami Hawks3v6Boston Strikers
Detroit Destroyers1v0Rebels F.C.
Jacksonville Rangers4v2Madison Athletic
Nashville United0v0Dallas Bulldogs
Pirates F.C.5v0F.C. Angels
Chattanooga Tornadoes2v3Denver Tigers
Puma F.C.0v2Jefferson City C.F.
Sacramento F.C.1v1Wolves F.C.
Boston Strikers2v2Pittsburgh Power
Madison Athletic0v1Tulsa Indians
Portland Overloads0v0Chattanooga Tornadoes
F.C. Angels2v1Sacramento F.C.
Denver Tigers1v2Detroit Destroyers
Dallas Bulldogs0v0Jacksonville Rangers
Wolves F.C.2v0Miami Hawks
Jefferson City C.F.1v1Nashville United
Puma F.C.0v1Pirates F.C.
Rebels F.C.2v0Manchester Rage
Miami Hawks0v1Puma F.C.
Rebels F.C.0v2Boston Strikers
Jacksonville Rangers2v3Portland Overloads
Pittsburgh Power3v0Madison Athletic
Detroit Destroyers3v1Wolves F.C.
Tulsa Indians0v3Dallas Bulldogs
Sacramento F.C.0v0Jefferson City C.F.
Chattanooga Tornadoes2v0F.C. Angels
Manchester Rage1v2Denver Tigers
Nashville United1v1Pirates F.C.
Boston Strikers0v1Tulsa Indians
Portland Overloads2v2Detroit Destroyers
Dallas Bulldogs1v0Pittsburgh Power
Madison Athletic0v2Nashville United
F.C. Angels0v0Manchester Rage
Wolves F.C.2v0Jacksonville Rangers
Jefferson City C.F.3v0Miami Hawks
Pirates F.C.1v0Chattanooga Tornadoes
Puma F.C.1v1Sacramento F.C.
Denver Tigers2v2Rebels F.C.
Pittsburgh Power0v0Portland Overloads
Jacksonville Rangers3v2F.C. Angels
Detroit Destroyers2v0Boston Strikers
Rebels F.C.1v1Dallas Bulldogs
Tulsa Indians3v1Denver Tigers
Chattanooga Tornadoes1v2Jefferson City C.F.
Nashville United0v1Puma F.C.
Miami Hawks1v1Madison Athletic
Manchester Rage1v2Wolves F.C.
Sacramento F.C.0v2Pirates F.C.
Jefferson City C.F.3v0Pittsburgh Power
Portland Overloads0v0Denver Tigers
Dallas Bulldogs0v2Detroit Destroyers
F.C. Angels0v3Tulsa Indians
Wolves F.C.3v2Rebels F.C.
Madison Athletic0v5Sacramento F.C.
Nashville United2v2Jacksonville Rangers
Pirates F.C.4v1Miami Hawks
Puma F.C.2v1Chattanooga Tornadoes
Boston Strikers1v0Manchester Rage
Pittsburgh Power0v3Puma F.C.
Rebels F.C.1v0Portland Overloads
Denver Tigers0v1Boston Strikers
Detroit Destroyers2v0Jefferson City C.F.
Manchester Rage2v0Dallas Bulldogs
Tulsa Indians1v0Wolves F.C.
Jacksonville Rangers1v1Pirates F.C.
Chattanooga Tornadoes4v0Madison Athletic
Miami Hawks0v1F.C. Angels
Sacramento F.C.2v1Nashville United
Portland Overloads2v1Boston Strikers
Sacramento F.C.0v0Chattanooga Tornadoes
Wolves F.C.3v0Pittsburgh Power
F.C. Angels1v0Rebels F.C.
Dallas Bulldogs3v1Denver Tigers
Madison Athletic1v1Detroit Destroyers
Nashville United1v3Miami Hawks
Jefferson City C.F.4v1Tulsa Indians
Puma F.C.2v0Jacksonville Rangers
Pirates F.C.2v2Manchester Rage
Manchester Rage2v2Portland Overloads
Pittsburgh Power3v0F.C. Angels
Boston Strikers2v4Dallas Bulldogs
Tulsa Indians0v0Pirates F.C.
Jacksonville Rangers1v1Jefferson City C.F.
Chattanooga Tornadoes3v0Nashville United
Rebels F.C.1v0Madison Athletic
Denver Tigers1v2Wolves F.C.
Detroit Destroyers2v0Puma F.C.
Miami Hawks1v0Sacramento F.C.
Nashville United4v0Pittsburgh Power
Portland Overloads1v2Dallas Bulldogs
Pirates F.C.3v0Rebels F.C.
F.C. Angels0v1Detroit Destroyers
Sacramento F.C.5v2Jacksonville Rangers
Madison Athletic2v0Denver Tigers
Wolves F.C.0v3Boston Strikers
Jefferson City C.F.3v1Manchester Rage
Chattanooga Tornadoes1v1Miami Hawks
Puma F.C.2v0Tulsa Indians
Manchester Rage0v1Puma F.C.
Pittsburgh Power0v3Pirates F.C.
Boston Strikers2v0Madison Athletic
Tulsa Indians2v1Chattanooga Tornadoes
Jacksonville Rangers0v0Miami Hawks
Detroit Destroyers1v0Sacramento F.C.
Dallas Bulldogs4v0F.C. Angels
Rebels F.C.4v2Nashville United
Denver Tigers3v2Jefferson City C.F.
Portland Overloads2v0Wolves F.C.
Puma F.C.0v0Boston Strikers
Miami Hawks2v1Pittsburgh Power
Sacramento F.C.1v0Denver Tigers
Wolves F.C.0v2Dallas Bulldogs
Jefferson City C.F.3v0Rebels F.C.
Nashville United1v0Tulsa Indians
Pirates F.C.2v0Detroit Destroyers
Chattanooga Tornadoes2v2Jacksonville Rangers
Madison Athletic1v3Manchester Rage
F.C. Angels1v1Portland Overloads
Dallas Bulldogs3v1Puma F.C.
Pittsburgh Power0v1Jacksonville Rangers
Boston Strikers2v2Pirates F.C.
Wolves F.C.0v1Madison Athletic
Tulsa Indians0v2Sacramento F.C.
Detroit Destroyers3v0Chattanooga Tornadoes
Rebels F.C.2v1Miami Hawks
Denver Tigers0v0F.C. Angels
Portland Overloads0v1Jefferson City C.F.
Manchester Rage2v0Nashville United
Chattanooga Tornadoes2v0Pittsburgh Power
Jefferson City C.F.1v2Wolves F.C.
Jacksonville Rangers1v1Detroit Destroyers
Sacramento F.C.4v0Manchester Rage
Pirates F.C.1v0Portland Overloads
Puma F.C.2v2Rebels F.C.
Madison Athletic0v3Dallas Bulldogs
Nashville United3v0Denver Tigers
F.C. Angels1v2Boston Strikers
Miami Hawks2v0Tulsa Indians

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