14/15 Group 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1The Mexicans191612113328149
3Hack It20101976502631
4Heskey FC2081118081-125
5Seaham Vipers207496376-1325
6Maitland Meerkats20101914133-1193
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Hack It1v2Heskey FC
Seaham Vipers3v0Maitland Meerkats
Heskey FC5v6Seaham Vipers
Hack It1v4The Mexicans
Wolves3v0Maitland Meerkats
Hack It6v2Maitland Meerkats
Heskey FC1v4The Mexicans
Wolves6v6Seaham Vipers
Heskey FC1v2Wolves
Hack It6v3Seaham Vipers
Maitland Meerkats0v3The Mexicans
Wolves0v5Hack It
Maitland Meerkats0v5Heskey FC
The Mexicans3v3Seaham Vipers
Hack It0v5The Mexicans
Seaham Vipers4v6Heskey FC
Wolves3v3Seaham Vipers
The Mexicans7v2Heskey FC
Hack It10v0Maitland Meerkats
Wolves9v1Maitland Meerkats
Heskey FC2v8Wolves
Hack It1v2Seaham Vipers
Maitland Meerkats1v9The Mexicans
Seaham Vipers1v8The Mexicans
Maitland Meerkats1v9Heskey FC
Hack It0v0Wolves
Seaham Vipers3v1Maitland Meerkats
Hack It10v2Heskey FC
Wolves0v8The Mexicans
Wolves6v3The Mexicans
Wolves7v0Maitland Meerkats
Heskey FC3v4Seaham Vipers
The Mexicans7v5Hack It
Maitland Meerkats3v0Seaham Vipers
The Mexicans5v1Seaham Vipers
Hack It2v0Seaham Vipers
Wolves2v2Seaham Vipers
Heskey FC7v4Seaham Vipers
The Mexicans8v3Heskey FC
Wolves3v4Seaham Vipers
Heskey FC3v3Wolves
Hack It5v1Seaham Vipers
The Mexicans4v2Seaham Vipers
Wolves3v2The Mexicans
Hack It8v1Maitland Meerkats
Maitland Meerkats0v10The Mexicans
Maitland Meerkats1v10Heskey FC
Wolves5v1Hack It
Maitland Meerkats3v11Seaham Vipers
Heskey FC4v3Hack It
Hack It3v1Heskey FC
Wolves4v3Hack It
Maitland Meerkats0v8The Mexicans
Heskey FC3v4Wolves
Hack It5v0Maitland Meerkats
The Mexicans8v2Heskey FC
Wolves5v0Maitland Meerkats
Hack It1v7The Mexicans
Heskey FC9v0Maitland Meerkats

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