14/15 Group 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Hazy Minons20133487533442
3Ellis' Skittles19101887592831
4Minions FC2092973631029
5Andrew #220401660129-6912
6Those Guys20221654105-518
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Rebals3v0Andrew #2
Minions FC4v1Those Guys
Hazy Minons3v1Ellis' Skittles
Minions FC0v1Ellis' Skittles
Those Guys3v7Ellis' Skittles
Rebals1v3Hazy Minons
Andrew #25v6Minions FC
Rebals5v3Those Guys
Andrew #24v5Hazy Minons
Minions FC3v4Rebals
Ellis' Skittles6v1Andrew #2
Hazy Minons7v3Those Guys
Andrew #24v3Those Guys
Hazy Minons2v3Minions FC
Minions FC4v2Those Guys
Andrew #24v7Rebals
Hazy Minons1v8Ellis' Skittles
Andrew #26v2Minions FC
Rebals3v3Hazy Minons
Ellis' Skittles10v3Those Guys
Rebals9v3Those Guys
Andrew #20v6Hazy Minons
Ellis' Skittles3v4Minions FC
Minions FC1v2Rebals
Ellis' Skittles8v0Andrew #2
Hazy Minons7v1Those Guys
Rebals3v1Ellis' Skittles
Hazy Minons3v3Minions FC
Andrew #24v8Those Guys
Hazy Minons7v1Ellis' Skittles
Andrew #22v9Rebals
Minions FC4v4Those Guys
Rebals8v4Hazy Minons
Minions FC4v5Andrew #2
Rebals6v3Those Guys
Andrew #23v8Hazy Minons
Ellis' Skittles3v7Minions FC
Minions FC0v1Rebals
Hazy Minons4v0Those Guys
Ellis' Skittles11v3Andrew #2
Rebals4v3Ellis' Skittles
Hazy Minons2v7Minions FC
Andrew #26v3Those Guys
Ellis' Skittles3v0Those Guys
Andrew #25v8Those Guys
Hazy Minons4v1Minions FC
Ellis' Skittles3v5Rebals
Minions FC0v6Rebals
Ellis' Skittles8v4Andrew #2
Hazy Minons5v0Those Guys
Hazy Minons5v0Andrew #2
Rebals2v1Those Guys
Ellis' Skittles4v3Minions FC
Hazy Minons3v3Rebals
Minions FC11v3Andrew #2
Ellis' Skittles3v3Those Guys
Andrew #21v8Rebals
Hazy Minons5v3Ellis' Skittles
Minions FC6v2Those Guys

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