Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Liverpool 17123245182739
2Chelsea 17122338172138
3Manchester United 17114231112037
4Manchester city 17104335171834
5West ham 1794427171031
6Everton 179352924530
7Arsenal 1885530201029
8Tottenham 178452824428
9Swansea city 177462220225
10Newcastle 176651819-124
11Sunderland 1741031818022
12Southampton 175661418-421
13Stoke city 175571823-520
15Aston villa 174491128-1716
16Crystal palace 172871928-914
17West Brom 1734101529-1413
18Hull city 1725101326-1311
19Burnley 1725101229-1711
20Leicester city 171313932-236

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Arsenal 2v1QPR
Stoke city 0v2Chelsea
Newcastle 0v1Sunderland
Liverpool 2v1Arsenal
West ham 2v0Leicester city
Tottenham 2v1Burnley
Southampton 1v1Everton
QPR3v2West Brom
Manchester city 3v0Crystal palace
Hull city 0v1Swansea city
Aston villa 1v5Manchester United
Everton 3v1QPR
Swansea city 1v1Tottenham
Manchester United 2v0Liverpool
West Brom 1v0Aston villa
Sunderland 1v1West ham
Leicester city 0v1Manchester city
Crystal palace 1v1Stoke city
Chelsea 2v0Hull city
Burnley 1v2Southampton
Arsenal 4v1Newcastle
Southampton 0v2Manchester United
West ham 3v1Swansea city
Aston villa 2v1Leicester city
Tottenham 0v0Crystal palace
Stoke city 3v2Arsenal
Newcastle 2v1Chelsea
Manchester city 1v0Everton
Liverpool 1v0Sunderland
Hull city 0v0West Brom
Sunderland 1v4Manchester city
Everton 2v1Hull city
Chelsea 3v1Tottenham
Arsenal 1v1Southampton
West Brom 1v2West ham
Swansea city 2v0QPR
Manchester United 3v1Stoke city
Leicester city 1v4Liverpool
Crystal palace 0v1Aston villa
Burnley 1v1Newcastle
Tottenham 3v1Everton
Southampton 0v3Manchester city
West ham 1v0Newcastle
West Brom 0v1Arsenal
Swansea city 1v1Crystal palace
Sunderland 0v0Chelsea
QPR3v2Leicester city
Manchester United 1v0Hull city
Liverpool 1v0Stoke city
Burnley 1v1Aston villa
Aston villa 1v3Southampton
Hull city 1v2Tottenham
Crystal palace 3v3Liverpool
Stoke city 1v2Burnley
Newcastle 1v0QPR
Manchester city 2v1Swansea city
Leicester city 0v0Sunderland
Everton 2v1West ham
Chelsea 2v0West Brom
Arsenal 1v1Manchester United
West Brom 0v2Newcastle
Tottenham 1v2Stoke city
Swansea city 2v1Arsenal
Sunderland 1v1Everton
West ham 0v0Aston villa
Southampton 2v0Leicester city
QPR2v2Manchester city
Manchester United 0v0Crystal palace
Liverpool 3v2Chelsea
Burnley 1v0Hull city
Crystal palace 1v3Sunderland
Manchester city 1v2Manchester United
Aston villa 1v2Tottenham
Stoke city 2v2West ham
Newcastle 1v0Liverpool
Leicester city 0v1West Brom
Hull city 0v0Southampton
Everton 0v0Swansea city
Chelsea 2v1QPR
Arsenal 3v0Burnley
QPR2v0Aston villa
Tottenham 1v2Newcastle
Manchester United 2v1Chelsea
Burnley 1v3Everton
West ham 2v1Manchester city
West Brom 2v2Crystal palace
Swansea city 2v0Leicester city
Sunderland 0v2Arsenal
Southampton 0v0Stoke city
Liverpool 4v0Hull city
West Brom 0v0Manchester United
Stoke city 2v1Swansea city
Southampton 0v0Sunderland
Newcastle 1v0Leicester city
Manchester city 4v1Tottenham
Everton 3v0Aston villa
Crystal palace 1v2Chelsea
Burnley 1v3West ham
Arsenal 2v0Hull city
West ham 2v0QPR
Tottenham 4v0Southampton
Manchester United 0v1Everton
Chelsea 2v0Arsenal
Swansea city 2v2Newcastle
Sunderland 3v1Stoke city
Liverpool 5v1West Brom
Leicester city 2v2Burnley
Hull city 2v0Crystal palace
Aston villa 0v2Manchester city
Stoke city 1v0Newcastle
West Brom 4v0Burnley
Sunderland 1v0Swansea city
Southampton 0v1QPR
Manchester United 2v1West ham
Liverpool 4v1Everton
Hull city 2v4Manchester city
Crystal palace 2v0Leicester city
Chelsea 3v0Aston villa
Arsenal 1v1Tottenham
Tottenham 2v1West Brom
Manchester city 1v1Chelsea
Leicester city 1v5Manchester United
Everton 2v3Crystal palace
West ham 1v2Liverpool
Swansea city 0v2Southampton
QPR2v2Stoke city
Newcastle 2v2Hull city
Burnley 0v0Sunderland
Aston villa 0v3Arsenal
Hull city 2v2West ham
Manchester United 3v0QPR
West Brom 0v2Everton
Sunderland 2v2Tottenham
Stoke city 0v1Leicester city
Southampton 0v0Newcastle
Liverpool 1v1Aston villa
Crystal palace 0v0Burnley
Chelsea 4v2Swansea city
Arsenal 2v2Manchester city
Tottenham 0v4Liverpool
Leicester city 1v1Arsenal
Aston villa 2v1Hull city
West ham 1v0Southampton
Swansea city 3v0West Brom
Newcastle 3v3Crystal palace
Manchester city 0v1Stoke city
Everton 3v6Chelsea
Burnley 0v1Manchester United
Manchester city 2v2Liverpool
Tottenham 4v0QPR
Sunderland 1v1Manchester United
Hull city 1v1Stoke city
Swansea city 1v0Burnley
Southampton 3v0West Brom
Everton 2v1Arsenal
Crystal palace 1v3West ham
Chelsea 2v0Leicester city
Aston villa 0v0Newcastle
Burnley 1v3Chelsea
Newcastle 0v2Manchester city
Liverpool 3v0Southampton
West ham 0v1Tottenham
West Brom 2v2Sunderland
Stoke city 0v1Aston villa
QPR0v1Hull city
Leicester city 0v2Everton
Arsenal 2v1Crystal palace
Manchester United 1v2Swansea city

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