11/12 Group 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Gummi Bears20141593326143
2Hot Dogs20140682523042
3Dragons 220130765461939
4Super Strikers20121793494437
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Gummi Bears0v3Dragons 2
Bye0v3Super Strikers
Hot Dogs7v0Warriors
Gummi Bears6v1Super Strikers
Hot Dogs0v1Dragons 2
Bye0v3Hot Dogs
Bye0v3Gummi Bears
Super Strikers5v2Hot Dogs
Warriors4v3Dragons 2
Dragons 24v1Super Strikers
Gummi Bears0v3Warriors
Bye0v3Dragons 2
Warriors1v10Super Strikers
Hot Dogs1v6Gummi Bears
Bye0v3Super Strikers
Super Strikers3v5Gummi Bears
Hot Dogs4v3Dragons 2
Warriors3v10Hot Dogs
Dragons 22v6Gummi Bears
Gummi Bears3v0Bye
Super Strikers9v3Hot Dogs
Warriors0v5Dragons 2
Bye0v3Dragons 2
Bye0v3Hot Dogs
Gummi Bears13v0Warriors
Super Strikers4v2Dragons 2
Super Strikers7v2Warriors
Gummi Bears2v3Hot Dogs
Gummi Bears6v1Dragons 2
Warriors2v9Hot Dogs
Super Strikers3v0Bye
Super Strikers3v0Bye
Hot Dogs3v0Bye
Gummi Bears3v0Bye
Dragons 23v0Bye
Hot Dogs3v0Gummi Bears
Hot Dogs3v0Bye
Gummi Bears3v0Bye
Dragons 23v0Bye
Super Strikers5v5Gummi Bears
Hot Dogs3v5Dragons 2
Warriors1v13Super Strikers
Super Strikers4v5Hot Dogs
Warriors0v8Dragons 2
Gummi Bears11v1Warriors
Dragons 23v2Super Strikers
Warriors0v8Super Strikers
Dragons 24v3Super Strikers
Hot Dogs1v5Gummi Bears
Warriors0v10Gummi Bears
Warriors1v4Dragons 2
Super Strikers2v5Hot Dogs
Super Strikers4v1Gummi Bears
Dragons 24v7Hot Dogs
Warriors1v7Hot Dogs
Dragons 21v5Gummi Bears

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