Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Manchester United 25159155253054
2Arsenal 26165556272953
3Manchester city 26147542241849
4Aston villa 2713775346746
5Chelsea 25135746222444
6Tottenham 2512853527844
7Liverpool 26106103434036
8Newcastle 2688104038232
9Bolton wanderers 2688103638-232
10Blackburn rovers 2795133442-832
11Stoke city 2694133134-331
12Sunderland 2671093237-531
13Fulham 2661282828030
14Everton 2561273334-130
15Blackpool 2684143951-1228
16Birmingham city 2561092537-1228
17Wigan athletic 26511102644-1826
18West Brom 2575133150-1926
19West ham 2659122746-1924
20Wolves 2673162645-1924

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Blackpool 1v2Aston villa
Blackburn rovers 0v0Newcastle
Birmingham city 1v0Stoke city
Arsenal 2v0Wolves
West ham 0v1Birmingham city
Chelsea 0v1Liverpool
Wolves 2v1Manchester United
Wigan athletic 4v3Blackburn rovers
Tottenham 2v1Bolton wanderers
Stoke city 3v2Sunderland
Newcastle 4v4Arsenal
Manchester city 3v0West Brom
Everton 5v3Blackpool
Aston villa 2v2Fulham
Liverpool 2v0Stoke city
Fulham 1v0Newcastle
Bolton wanderers 1v0Wolves
Blackpool 1v3West ham
Blackburn rovers 0v1Tottenham
Birmingham city 2v2Manchester city
West Brom 2v2Wigan athletic
Sunderland 2v4Chelsea
Manchester United 3v2Aston villa
Arsenal 2v1Everton
Liverpool 1v0Fulham
Wigan athletic 1v2Aston villa
Blackpool 2v3Manchester United
Bolton wanderers 0v4Chelsea
Blackburn rovers 2v0West Brom
Wolves 0v3Liverpool
Newcastle 1v1Tottenham
Manchester United 5v0Birmingham city
Fulham 2v0Stoke city
Everton 2v2West ham
Blackpool 1v2Sunderland
Aston villa 1v0Manchester city
Arsenal 3v0Wigan athletic
Tottenham 0v0Manchester United
Sunderland 1v1Newcastle
Liverpool 2v2Everton
Birmingham city 1v2Aston villa
Wigan athletic 1v1Fulham
West ham 0v3Arsenal
West Brom 3v2Blackpool
Stoke city 2v0Bolton wanderers
Manchester city 4v3Wolves
Chelsea 2v0Blackburn rovers
Blackpool 2v1Liverpool
Wolves 1v0Chelsea
Newcastle 5v0West ham
Everton 2v1Tottenham
Bolton wanderers 1v1Wigan athletic
Blackburn rovers 3v1Liverpool
Aston villa 2v1Sunderland
Arsenal 0v0Manchester city
Manchester United 2v1Stoke city
Fulham 3v0West Brom
Blackpool 1v2Birmingham city
Wigan athletic 0v1Newcastle
Chelsea 3v3Aston villa
West ham 2v0Wolves
West Brom 1v2Manchester United
Tottenham 1v0Fulham
Sunderland 3v0Blackburn rovers
Stoke city 2v0Everton
Manchester city 1v0Blackpool
Liverpool 2v1Bolton wanderers
Birmingham city 0v3Arsenal
Wigan athletic 2v2Arsenal
Liverpool 0v1Wolves
Chelsea 1v0Bolton wanderers
West ham 1v1Everton
West Brom 1v3Blackburn rovers
Tottenham 2v0Newcastle
Sunderland 0v2Blackpool
Stoke city 0v2Fulham
Manchester city 4v2Aston villa
Birmingham city 1v1Manchester United
Arsenal 3v1Chelsea
Wolves 1v2Wigan athletic
Newcastle 1v3Manchester city
Manchester United 2v0Sunderland
Fulham 1v3West ham
Bolton wanderers 2v0West Brom
Blackburn rovers 0v2Stoke city
Aston villa 1v2Tottenham
Manchester city 1v2Everton
Sunderland 1v0Bolton wanderers
Blackburn rovers 1v1West ham
Manchester United 1v0Arsenal
Wolves 1v0Birmingham city
Tottenham 1v1Chelsea
Bolton wanderers 2v1Blackburn rovers
West ham 1v3Manchester city
Stoke city 0v1Blackpool
Newcastle 3v1Liverpool
Fulham 0v0Sunderland
Everton 0v0Wigan athletic
Aston villa 4v1West Brom
Liverpool 3v3Aston villa
West Brom 3v1Newcastle
Sunderland 1v0West ham
Wigan athletic 2v2Stoke city
Manchester city 1v0Bolton wanderers
Chelsea 1v1Everton
Blackburn rovers 3v0Wolves
Birmingham city 1v1Tottenham
Arsenal 2v1Fulham
Tottenham 2v1Liverpool
Newcastle 1v1Chelsea
Wolves 3v2Sunderland
West ham 3v1Wigan athletic
Stoke city 1v1Manchester city
Manchester United 7v1Blackburn rovers
Fulham 1v1Birmingham city
Everton 1v4West Brom
Bolton wanderers 2v2Blackpool
Aston villa 2v4Arsenal
Sunderland 2v2Everton
Fulham 1v4Manchester city
Blackburn rovers 2v0Aston villa
West Brom 0v3Stoke city
Manchester United 2v0Wigan athletic
Liverpool 3v0West ham
Bolton wanderers 5v1Newcastle
Blackpool 2v1Wolves
Birmingham city 1v0Chelsea
Arsenal 2v3Tottenham
Everton 1v2Arsenal
Chelsea 0v3Sunderland
Wolves 2v3Bolton wanderers
Wigan athletic 1v0West Brom
West ham 0v0Blackpool
Tottenham 4v2Blackburn rovers
Stoke city 2v0Liverpool
Newcastle 0v0Fulham
Manchester city 0v0Birmingham city
Aston villa 2v2Manchester United
Wolves 0v2Arsenal
Wigan athletic 1v1Liverpool
West ham 2v2West Brom
Newcastle 1v2Blackburn rovers
Manchester city 0v0Manchester United
Everton 1v1Bolton wanderers
Chelsea 1v0Fulham
Aston villa 3v2Blackpool
Tottenham 1v1Sunderland
Stoke city 3v2Birmingham city
West Brom 0v2Manchester city
Liverpool 2v0Chelsea
Arsenal 0v1Newcastle
Sunderland 2v0Stoke city
Manchester United 2v1Wolves
Fulham 1v1Aston villa
Bolton wanderers 4v2Tottenham
Blackpool 2v2Everton
Blackburn rovers 2v1Wigan athletic
Birmingham city 2v2West ham
Blackpool 2v1West Brom
Newcastle 5v1Sunderland
Bolton wanderers 0v1Liverpool
Aston villa 3v0Birmingham city
Wolves 2v1Manchester city
Manchester United 2v0Tottenham
Fulham 2v0Wigan athletic
Everton 1v0Stoke city
Blackburn rovers 1v2Chelsea
Arsenal 1v0West ham
Stoke city 1v2Manchester United
Manchester city 0v3Arsenal
Liverpool 2v1Blackburn rovers
Wigan athletic 1v1Bolton wanderers
West ham 1v2Newcastle
West Brom 2v1Fulham
Tottenham 1v1Everton
Sunderland 1v4Aston villa
Chelsea 2v0Wolves
Birmingham city 2v0Blackpool
Blackburn rovers 0v0Sunderland
Everton 2v0Liverpool
Blackpool 2v3Manchester city
Wolves 1v1West ham
Newcastle 2v2Wigan athletic
Manchester United 2v2West Brom
Fulham 1v2Tottenham
Bolton wanderers 2v1Stoke city
Aston villa 0v0Chelsea
Arsenal 2v1Birmingham city
Manchester city 2v1Newcastle
Liverpool 1v2Blackpool
Chelsea 2v0Arsenal
Wigan athletic 2v0Wolves
West ham 1v1Fulham
West Brom 1v1Bolton wanderers
Tottenham 2v1Aston villa
Sunderland 0v0Manchester United
Stoke city 1v0Blackburn rovers
Birmingham city 0v2Everton
Wolves 1v2Aston villa
Newcastle 1v2Stoke city
Bolton wanderers 2v2Manchester United
West ham 1v0Tottenham
Manchester city 1v0Chelsea
Liverpool 2v2Sunderland
Fulham 0v0Everton
Blackpool 1v2Blackburn rovers
Birmingham city 0v0Wigan athletic
Arsenal 2v3West Brom
Wigan athletic 0v2Manchester city
Manchester United 3v2Liverpool
Chelsea 4v0Blackpool
West Brom 3v1Birmingham city
Tottenham 3v1Wolves
Sunderland 1v1Arsenal
Stoke city 1v1West ham
Everton 0v1Newcastle
Blackburn rovers 1v1Fulham
Aston villa 2v1Bolton wanderers
Stoke city 2v2Aston villa
Birmingham city 0v0Liverpool
Wigan athletic 1v1Sunderland
West ham 1v3Chelsea
West Brom 1v1Tottenham
Newcastle 0v2Blackpool
Manchester city 1v1Blackburn rovers
Fulham 2v1Wolves
Everton 3v3Manchester United
Arsenal 4v1Bolton wanderers
Sunderland 1v0Manchester city
Liverpool 1v0West Brom
Bolton wanderers 2v2Birmingham city
Aston villa 1v0Everton
Wolves 1v1Newcastle
Tottenham 0v1Wigan athletic
Manchester United 3v0West ham
Chelsea 2v0Stoke city
Blackpool 2v2Fulham
Blackburn rovers 1v2Arsenal
Manchester city 3v0Liverpool
Newcastle 6v0Aston villa
Fulham 2v2Manchester United
Wigan athletic 0v6Chelsea
West ham 1v3Bolton wanderers
West Brom 1v0Sunderland
Stoke city 1v2Tottenham
Everton 1v1Wolves
Birmingham city 2v1Blackburn rovers
Arsenal 6v0Blackpool
Manchester United 3v0Newcastle
Liverpool 1v1Arsenal
Wolves 2v1Stoke city
Wigan athletic 0v4Blackpool
Tottenham 0v0Manchester city
Sunderland 2v2Birmingham city
Chelsea 6v0West Brom
Bolton wanderers 0v0Fulham
Blackburn rovers 1v0Everton
Aston villa 4v0West ham

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