1. Senická liga vo futsale

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Panthers Senica15111356302634
2Warriors Senica1594256292731
3Bučo Senica1593349321730
4PD Dojč1591582532928
6Mäs-com Victory team156364952-321
7COOP Jednota Senica156274352-920
8Artmont BK Gbely156186060019
9BUPE Šajdíkove Humence154746062-219
10FC Mobitel156184154-1319
11Alchem Senica155374546-118
12MGS Plus Senica155376064-418
13Bobo team155374653-718
14Dandy PD Senica155285061-1117
15Ipon club Senica155194557-1216
16FC Korlat Cerová1521123273-417

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Ipon club Senica3v6Alchem Senica
Artmont BK Gbely2v5BUPE Šajdíkove Humence
FC Mobitel1v8Bobo team
Brodské5v0COOP Jednota Senica
FC Korlat Cerová1v8Bučo Senica
Panthers Senica5v4PD Dojč
Warriors Senica4v4MGS Plus Senica
Mäs-com Victory team9v7Dandy PD Senica
Dandy PD Senica0v5Artmont BK Gbely
MGS Plus Senica3v4Mäs-com Victory team
BUPE Šajdíkove Humence2v6Ipon club Senica
Bučo Senica2v2Panthers Senica
Warriors Senica7v7PD Dojč
FC Korlat Cerová0v9COOP Jednota Senica
Bobo team5v3Brodské
Alchem Senica2v5FC Mobitel
FC Mobitel5v6Ipon club Senica
FC Korlat Cerová2v4Bobo team
Brodské3v4Alchem Senica
Dandy PD Senica5v6BUPE Šajdíkove Humence
Panthers Senica2v3COOP Jednota Senica
Warriors Senica2v3Bučo Senica
Mäs-com Victory team6v2PD Dojč
Artmont BK Gbely8v4MGS Plus Senica
PD Dojč11v2Artmont BK Gbely
MGS Plus Senica5v4Dandy PD Senica
Bučo Senica3v3Mäs-com Victory team
Panthers Senica4v1Bobo team
Warriors Senica5v0COOP Jednota Senica
FC Mobitel4v4BUPE Šajdíkove Humence
Alchem Senica2v2FC Korlat Cerová
Ipon club Senica3v2Brodské
Mäs-com Victory team1v2COOP Jednota Senica
MGS Plus Senica6v6BUPE Šajdíkove Humence
Artmont BK Gbely1v2Bučo Senica
Brodské4v6FC Mobitel
FC Korlat Cerová0v4Ipon club Senica
Panthers Senica3v0Alchem Senica
Warriors Senica2v2Bobo team
Dandy PD Senica3v6PD Dojč
PD Dojč4v1MGS Plus Senica
Bučo Senica2v3Dandy PD Senica
COOP Jednota Senica6v1Artmont BK Gbely
Bobo team5v5Mäs-com Victory team
Alchem Senica1v3Warriors Senica
Ipon club Senica0v3Panthers Senica
BUPE Šajdíkove Humence3v3Brodské
FC Mobitel4v1FC Korlat Cerová
FC Korlat Cerová1v3Brodské
Panthers Senica2v0FC Mobitel
Warriors Senica5v3Ipon club Senica
Mäs-com Victory team4v5Alchem Senica
Artmont BK Gbely5v2Bobo team
Dandy PD Senica8v4COOP Jednota Senica
MGS Plus Senica2v4Bučo Senica
PD Dojč3v6BUPE Šajdíkove Humence
BUPE Šajdíkove Humence3v6FC Korlat Cerová
Bučo Senica2v7PD Dojč
COOP Jednota Senica4v5MGS Plus Senica
Bobo team1v4Dandy PD Senica
Alchem Senica7v3Artmont BK Gbely
Ipon club Senica1v3Mäs-com Victory team
FC Mobitel0v6Warriors Senica
Brodské3v2Panthers Senica
Panthers Senica5v1FC Korlat Cerová
Bučo Senica3v3BUPE Šajdíkove Humence
Warriors Senica2v3Brodské
Mäs-com Victory team3v1FC Mobitel
Artmont BK Gbely3v3Ipon club Senica
Dandy PD Senica4v2Alchem Senica
MGS Plus Senica3v3Bobo team
PD Dojč10v0COOP Jednota Senica
Bobo team4v3PD Dojč
COOP Jednota Senica0v2Bučo Senica
BUPE Šajdíkove Humence3v5Panthers Senica
Alchem Senica4v5MGS Plus Senica
Ipon club Senica3v4Dandy PD Senica
FC Mobitel3v2Artmont BK Gbely
Brodské6v2Mäs-com Victory team
FC Korlat Cerová1v4Warriors Senica
Warriors Senica2v0Panthers Senica
Mäs-com Victory team3v2FC Korlat Cerová
Artmont BK Gbely9v3Brodské
COOP Jednota Senica5v5BUPE Šajdíkove Humence
Dandy PD Senica1v3FC Mobitel
MGS Plus Senica10v3Ipon club Senica
PD Dojč2v1Alchem Senica
Bučo Senica4v1Bobo team
Bobo team5v3COOP Jednota Senica
Alchem Senica0v3Bučo Senica
Ipon club Senica5v6PD Dojč
FC Mobitel2v0MGS Plus Senica
BUPE Šajdíkove Humence2v3Warriors Senica
Brodské0v0Dandy PD Senica
FC Korlat Cerová4v10Artmont BK Gbely
Panthers Senica4v3Mäs-com Victory team
Mäs-com Victory team0v3Warriors Senica
Artmont BK Gbely3v4Panthers Senica
Dandy PD Senica4v5FC Korlat Cerová
MGS Plus Senica4v5Brodské
PD Dojč9v4FC Mobitel
Bobo team4v5BUPE Šajdíkove Humence
Bučo Senica4v0Ipon club Senica
COOP Jednota Senica2v2Alchem Senica
Alchem Senica5v0Bobo team
Ipon club Senica1v3COOP Jednota Senica
FC Mobitel3v4Bučo Senica
Brodské3v2PD Dojč
FC Korlat Cerová2v4MGS Plus Senica
Panthers Senica8v1Dandy PD Senica
BUPE Šajdíkove Humence3v3Mäs-com Victory team
Warriors Senica6v1Artmont BK Gbely
Artmont BK Gbely5v0Mäs-com Victory team
Dandy PD Senica2v2Warriors Senica
MGS Plus Senica4v7Panthers Senica
PD Dojč6v4FC Korlat Cerová
Bučo Senica3v4Brodské
COOP Jednota Senica2v0FC Mobitel
Bobo team1v4Ipon club Senica
Alchem Senica4v4BUPE Šajdíkove Humence

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