1. Divjision 2017

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Footboll Cotedazur FC1174026161025
2Pristinipol Royala AC1181225151025
3Liko AFC CapHorn1173123111224
4Andira FC CapHorn116412516922
5FC Cotedazur116322316721
6Eskiltira Nofle116232518720
7"B" CapHorn1154232211119
8FC Chellepol115241412217
9Babylonia Hermes115152318516
10DC Akbar113622015515
11Lateau Shore114341916315
12Stoils Roller114341016-615
13FC Elbe Babylonia114251716114
14Arietta Falzons113531516-114
15Sofya AC114252126-514
16Magdipol Royala AC113352022-212
17Sylvia FC113351320-712
18Plevnai FC 1904112541517-211
19Gottler 1901 FCN113261320-711
20Lemessi Robaits RKC11038924-153
22Passeterre CF110291631-152

Viewed 31 times

FC Chellepol0v0Eskiltira Nofle
Andira FC CapHorn4v2Sylvia FC
Stoils Roller0v0Gottler 1901 FCN
Lemessi Robaits RKC0v2FC Elbe Babylonia
Magdipol Royala AC1v3Liko AFC CapHorn
Sandakan3v6FC Cotedazur
Passeterre CF1v1Plevnai FC 1904
Sofya AC3v2"B" CapHorn
DC Akbar3v1Babylonia Hermes
Lateau Shore2v2Footboll Cotedazur FC
Pristinipol Royala AC2v0Arietta Falzons
Sylvia FC2v4Eskiltira Nofle
Gottler 1901 FCN0v1FC Chellepol
FC Elbe Babylonia1v2Andira FC CapHorn
Liko AFC CapHorn2v0Stoils Roller
FC Cotedazur2v0Lemessi Robaits RKC
Plevnai FC 19043v1Magdipol Royala AC
"B" CapHorn5v1Sandakan
Babylonia Hermes5v3Passeterre CF
Footboll Cotedazur FC4v3Sofya AC
Arietta Falzons3v2DC Akbar
Lateau Shore0v1Pristinipol Royala AC
Sylvia FC2v0Gottler 1901 FCN
Eskiltira Nofle3v2FC Elbe Babylonia
FC Chellepol1v2Liko AFC CapHorn
Andira FC CapHorn1v0FC Cotedazur
Stoils Roller0v4Plevnai FC 1904
Lemessi Robaits RKC0v4"B" CapHorn
Magdipol Royala AC0v0Babylonia Hermes
Sandakan2v2Footboll Cotedazur FC
Passeterre CF1v1Arietta Falzons
Sofya AC1v0Lateau Shore
Pristinipol Royala AC1v1DC Akbar
FC Elbe Babylonia0v1Gottler 1901 FCN
Liko AFC CapHorn4v1Sylvia FC
FC Cotedazur2v1Eskiltira Nofle
Plevnai FC 19041v4FC Chellepol
"B" CapHorn3v3Andira FC CapHorn
Babylonia Hermes0v1Stoils Roller
Footboll Cotedazur FC2v1Lemessi Robaits RKC
Arietta Falzons4v3Magdipol Royala AC
Lateau Shore5v2Sandakan
DC Akbar4v2Passeterre CF
Sofya AC1v4Pristinipol Royala AC
FC Elbe Babylonia1v3Liko AFC CapHorn
Gottler 1901 FCN0v1FC Cotedazur
Sylvia FC1v0Plevnai FC 1904
Eskiltira Nofle5v3"B" CapHorn
FC Chellepol0v2Babylonia Hermes
Andira FC CapHorn2v2Footboll Cotedazur FC
Stoils Roller0v0Arietta Falzons
Lemessi Robaits RKC0v0Lateau Shore
Magdipol Royala AC1v0DC Akbar
Sandakan1v5Sofya AC
Pristinipol Royala AC3v2Passeterre CF
Plevnai FC 19042v2FC Elbe Babylonia
FC Cotedazur0v0Liko AFC CapHorn
"B" CapHorn4v2Gottler 1901 FCN
Babylonia Hermes5v1Sylvia FC
Footboll Cotedazur FC1v0Eskiltira Nofle
Arietta Falzons0v1FC Chellepol
Lateau Shore3v1Andira FC CapHorn
DC Akbar3v0Stoils Roller
Sofya AC3v2Lemessi Robaits RKC
Passeterre CF1v2Magdipol Royala AC
Sandakan0v3Pristinipol Royala AC
FC Cotedazur3v1Plevnai FC 1904
Liko AFC CapHorn1v1"B" CapHorn
FC Elbe Babylonia3v0Babylonia Hermes
Gottler 1901 FCN1v5Footboll Cotedazur FC
Sylvia FC1v1Arietta Falzons
Eskiltira Nofle1v2Lateau Shore
FC Chellepol1v1DC Akbar
Andira FC CapHorn3v0Sofya AC
Stoils Roller3v1Passeterre CF
Lemessi Robaits RKC1v1Sandakan
Pristinipol Royala AC3v6Magdipol Royala AC
"B" CapHorn2v0Plevnai FC 1904
Babylonia Hermes3v0FC Cotedazur
Footboll Cotedazur FC3v2Liko AFC CapHorn
Arietta Falzons1v0FC Elbe Babylonia
Lateau Shore4v1Gottler 1901 FCN
DC Akbar0v0Sylvia FC
Sofya AC2v4Eskiltira Nofle
Passeterre CF2v4FC Chellepol
Sandakan0v2Andira FC CapHorn
Magdipol Royala AC2v2Stoils Roller
Lemessi Robaits RKC1v2Pristinipol Royala AC
"B" CapHorn4v2Babylonia Hermes
Plevnai FC 19040v0Footboll Cotedazur FC
FC Cotedazur2v2Arietta Falzons
Liko AFC CapHorn1v0Lateau Shore
FC Elbe Babylonia0v0DC Akbar
Gottler 1901 FCN3v0Sofya AC
Sylvia FC2v0Passeterre CF
Eskiltira Nofle1v0Sandakan
FC Chellepol1v0Magdipol Royala AC
Andira FC CapHorn2v2Lemessi Robaits RKC
Pristinipol Royala AC3v1Stoils Roller
Footboll Cotedazur FC2v1Babylonia Hermes
Arietta Falzons1v1"B" CapHorn
Lateau Shore2v2Plevnai FC 1904
DC Akbar3v3FC Cotedazur
Sofya AC2v2Liko AFC CapHorn
Passeterre CF1v2FC Elbe Babylonia
Sandakan3v3Gottler 1901 FCN
Magdipol Royala AC1v1Sylvia FC
Lemessi Robaits RKC2v4Eskiltira Nofle
Stoils Roller2v1FC Chellepol
Andira FC CapHorn3v1Pristinipol Royala AC
Footboll Cotedazur FC3v2Arietta Falzons
Babylonia Hermes4v1Lateau Shore
"B" CapHorn3v3DC Akbar
Plevnai FC 19041v1Sofya AC
FC Cotedazur4v2Passeterre CF
Liko AFC CapHorn3v1Sandakan
FC Elbe Babylonia4v3Magdipol Royala AC
Gottler 1901 FCN2v0Lemessi Robaits RKC
Sylvia FC0v1Stoils Roller
Eskiltira Nofle2v2Andira FC CapHorn
Pristinipol Royala AC2v0FC Chellepol

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