1. Divjision

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Gottler 1901 FCN11003033
2Torpedo Nemariano11003033
3Pristinipol Royala AC11002023
4Union Leiria11002113
5Footboll Cotedazur FC11002113
6FC Cotedazur11002113
7Eskiltira Nofle11001013
8Denhaw Hobbin11001013
9DC Akbar11001013
10Stoils Roller10101101
11Liko AFC CapHorn10101101
12Sevilya Athletica100112-10
13Lemessi Robaits RKC100112-10
14Arietta Falzons100112-10
15Plevnai FC 1904100101-10
16Lateau Shore100101-10
17Andira FC CapHorn100101-10
18Passeterre CF100102-20
20Babylonia Hermes100103-30
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FC Cotedazur2v1Lemessi Robaits RKC
Eskiltira Nofle1v0Andira FC CapHorn
Pristinipol Royala AC2v0Passeterre CF
Babylonia Hermes0v3Torpedo Nemariano
Lateau Shore0v1Denhaw Hobbin
DC Akbar1v0Plevnai FC 1904
Stoils Roller1v1Liko AFC CapHorn
Union Leiria2v1Sevilya Athletica
Gottler 1901 FCN3v0Sandakan
Footboll Cotedazur FC2v1Arietta Falzons

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