1/4 Finale THE Leader League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Athletico Madrid BM22004130114
2RK Fleksengraad2200403464
3MKB Vesprem KC2101383172
4ORLEN Wisła Płock2101413652
5Barcelona INTERSPORT10011419-50
6Füsche Berlin10011521-60
7KS VIVE TARGI Kielce10011420-60
8HSV Handball Hamburg10011022-120

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ORLEN Wisła Płock20v21RK Fleksengraad
MKB Vesprem KC16v21Athletico Madrid BM
HSV Handball Hamburg10v22MKB Vesprem KC
Barcelona INTERSPORT14v19RK Fleksengraad
Athletico Madrid BM20v14KS VIVE TARGI Kielce
Füsche Berlin15v21ORLEN Wisła Płock

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